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After reading the chapter, the introduction of Zero Squad was pretty awesome, but yeah, they look weird. However, here's what I think they'll be like:
1. The fat one will be the most powerful Kido user in the history of Soul Society, plus she looks like Hachigen's mother.
2.The second one on the left will be extremely tactical and logical
3. The middle one will be the leader, probably the strongest in terms of physical strength and power
4. The sexy one, possibly Kirio Hikifune, will be extremely cold and unmerciful towards her enemy's, and will be the fastest in terms of Shunpo.
5. The one on the right will have been a Kenpachi at one point, and will enjoy fighting.

So they're my predictions. Not really sure about where the whole Bankai thing with Ichigo will go, but one things for certain, the Zero Squad will probably fall, and Ichigo will end up protecting the Spirit King, since he suffers from main character syndrome. Also the reason why they haven't intervened before is that they stay out of the day to day business of Soul Society, their primary objective is protecting the Royal Family, who by the way, we have never seen before or heard anything about them in any detail.
NIce prediction, but Kubo is the most unpredictable compared to Oda or Kishimoto. We remember how people think Hitsugaya or Soi Fon would be the one who fought Bambietta, but, the one who fought her was Komamura. I expect more surprise from Kubo