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    Quote Originally Posted by Saiges View Post
    Wow. The long awaited Squad Zero looks like shit...and only 5 members -.-
    I can't believe any of these clowns to be stronger than Yamamoto Genryuusai. Since these guys are "soldiers" there may be another squad for "generals" lol


    Big fat lady = Unohana type with a Choji(naruto fatboy) appetite
    Elvis with toothpick = Kenpachi + Mugen (samurai champloo) = extra murderous intent
    Beard dude = The yamato of squad zero, although less respected
    hawt chick = Soifon + Erza(fairy tail)
    black dude(if he's black) = afro vizard + symphony vizard(with rope shikai) forgot their names >.>
    Damn it Saiges, you beat me to it. Those were almost exactly my thoughts.

    However they're not stronger than Yamamoto. It has already been stated
    that no stronger Shinigami has been born in 1,000 years.
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