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    [Anime] Clannad Episode 02 reviewed by gin0va

    Clannad Episode 02

    Sub used:
    [Philantrophy] & [Sekai]

    Episode 02 of Clannad continues with the last event of Episode 01, remember the part where Furukawa looked like some sort of a saviour, which kind of made her look like an angel?

    It turned out to be Furukawa practicing her acting skills, keep on practicing girl, it looked very realistic.

    Furthermore in this scene nothing much happened, just Furukawa telling Tomoya it was an acting...

    Now, onto the rest of the episode...

    After the opening has ended, we yet agian see that little girl of that dream, it's still very mysterious, but... we'll eventually see what that's about...
    I wonder what that dreamworld has to do with the storyline though, i'll sum up the text which makes it really mysterious...
    The girls life was very lonely,
    there was nobody in this world,
    except for her.
    But that was no wonder.
    The world has neither...
    birth nor death.
    That is the reason.
    This body...
    ...was created for me.
    I wonder...
    I should hope...
    to be born in this world...
    to be born as the only warmth in this world...
    I began to have a hope for it...
    without knowing when I did...

    The scene changes to Tomoya walking to school, asking himself
    Rebuilding the drama club huh?
    Then suddenly Kyou Fujibayashi shouts out loud
    Tomoya, Out of the way!
    And then BAAAM!!!, she bumps right into him, with her motorbike....
    That must've hurt...

    The two argue a bit and she leaves with that retarded laugh of her again.

    Sunohara walks by and Tomoya was pretty surprised of Sunohara being early, which only was because he wanted to get even with some bitch..

    Also known as Sakagami....

    First they have a conversation, which made Sunohara sound pretty stupid...
    This scene was pretty funny though, especially because of the ridicilous amount of strength they gave Sakagami XD.
    528 HITS!? She should enter combat tournaments in my opinion... She'd get like UBER rich...

    The final Kick launched Sunohara into a rubbish chute, she really got him at that moment, the funny thing was that she made him fell through the rubbish chute, which was just hilarious XD.

    After Tomoya left, we see him walking through school and hears some students about this ghost girl, he decides to check it out and goes off to the library, he thought about taking a nap there, but to his surprise there's a girl (Kogomi) sitting on the floor...

    She picks op some scissors and just when she planned to cut some page out of a book, he stops her...
    She didn't really care much about what he said, puts away her scissors and picks up her lunch box, and asks if Tomoya wants some, Tomoya accepts her offer and eats a bit of the food Kogomi made, he liked it and then she smiled...
    Tomoya then told her that she should go back to her class, but all she said back to him was See you. since she obviously didn't care...

    Now we see Tomoya in class getting explained who that girl was by Ryou Fujibayashi...
    Just a reminder picture on who she was..
    Tomoya got explained that the girl he met in the library was a special student which always ends up in the top 10 of the national exams, and thus she is allowed to do whatever she likes to on school...

    Tomoya then starts about Ryou's sister, Kyou.
    Your sister is out of her mind!
    Ryou replied by asking what her sister had done, he replies by telling her
    You should ask her why she was riding a bi-
    Then Kyou shouts Tomoya's name and once again throws a book towards him, and drags Tomoya out of his class to have a little chat with him...

    Then when he comes back into his class, Ryou asks what Tomoya wanted to say, he then suddenly shouts
    Which surprised everyone, Kyou madly enters the class and drags him out again...

    The scene changes to Tomoya meeting Furukawa again, and then they start making flyers for Furukawa's drama club, which she wishes to rebuild.
    This scene also explains why the ending theme was chosen...

    He then meets this other girl (Fuko Ibiki)... a very childlike girl with an obsession for stars and starshaped objects...
    This scene was showing her, carving a star out of wood, with tools which practially were brokken...
    He took away her blade because she hurt herself alot...
    He finally convinced her that it was dangerous with a highfive, this scene made it clear she sure is a childlike person in her ways of doing...

    Then we see another scene of Tomoya and his father argueing... which made Tomoya run away again...
    He then again meets Furukawa and has a conversation with her in a park...
    He tells her about sportscholarship, and that he joined the basketball team, but had to quit due to something happened...
    Furukawa asks him if he would come and play basketball together some time after school has ended, however he tried to decline, but ... he didn't somehow...

    We then see Tomoya at Sunohara's place, however he kept staring outside since it was raining real bad and he knew that Furukawa was waiting, he finally decides to visit her at the basketball field...

    When he arrived she was still waiting, he was mad at her for waiting that long, since he didn't say he would come...

    She offers him an basketball, he starts dribbling and when he's about to shoot, he kneels on the floor... and tells her he can't basketball anymore since he got into a fight with his dad, and since then he can't raise his right arm above his shoulder anymore...

    This scene had a feeling which gave quite an impact...
    Furukawa already looked a bit weak, since she waited in the rain for Tomoya, but the impact and shock made her faint...
    With Tomoya shouting her name twice...


    The episode was good in my opinion, quite some funny moments, weird, but funny girls XD and a tragic scene..

    Though the 528 hit combo by Sakagami was a bit overrated in my opinion, it was still a good laugh XD
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    Excellent review! Quite professional looking.

    Perhaps the most surprising part of this episode is the fact that Sunohara is still very much alive with bones fully intact. Should I ever suffer 528 combo hits, I have little doubt that my present resident would be located in a major hospital on life support.

    Looking forward toward future episodes. This may be more interesting than even Kanon.
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    This was my 2nd review I ever made, I tried my best to make it look as nice as possible

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    softer feeling than haruhi, better than Kanon, Not as random as Lucky star. Clannad is a pretty balanced KyoAni release

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    I'm finding it to be a decent enough anime, but i think it'll take a few more eps before i become invested in the characters (i dont think much of thier personality's has surfaced yet)

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    Ha! As a veteran of Kyoto Animation/Key production, my attention is already fixed on this series. And as one who so admired Air and Kanon, I can already see what's coming - body bags.

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