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Thread: Nana

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    Styling his hair like Nobu doesn't mean he has Nobu's hair. I think he's meant to be the child who looks more like Hachi, but with the personality of Takumi, to parallel his sister (looks like Takumi, personality same as Hachi). It shows the bond of the parents over their long-distance relationship.

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    I like this anime so much

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    Nana is one of the best shojo series I've ever read. It's so emotional. (I started to cry when I read chapter 78, and I even cried when I read the same part again some time later) I haven't watched the anime yet, but I hope it's just as good. ^^

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    I have come across this wonderful site which a lot of raws and many shoujo manga. You can go to this site for a quick summary of chapter 82 of Nana (scroll 1/4th of the page and you should see it)

    If you want to read the chapter then you can check out this site:


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    Decided to update thread Chapter 84 is out but it appears Nana is on hiatus
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