A manga by the ever-so-talented Ai Yazawa.


Nana Osaki is a punk singer who wants to debut as soon as possible to leave her ex-boyfriend, Ren Honjo, behind. Nana was the lead vocalist in their old band with Ren, and they lived together as lovers. When Ren was offered a chance to debut in Tokyo as a replacement member of the popular band TRAPNEST, Nana chooses to cultivate her own band, BLACK STONES (BLAST for short) instead.

Nana Komatsu, the other Nana, is called Hachi as she has strong mental characteristics that resemble a little puppy. (Hachiko/Hachi is her nickname) With a habit of falling in love at first sight, Hachi has always depended on other people to help her. When her friends and then boyfriend leave for Tokyo, she decide to join them a year later after she saved enough money.

Nana and Hachi meet in a train by chance, both on their way to Tokyo, and after a string of coincidences, they come to live together in an apartment numbered 707. Despite having contrasting characters and ideals, the Nanas like and respect each other.

While the BLACK STONES begin to gain popularity at live gigs, other issues need resolving, especially in the areas of romance. The story of Nana revolves heavily on the romance and relationships of the two characters as one seeks fame and recognition while the other seeks love and happiness.

Each chapter you read, the more you grow to love NANA. The characters are very deep and seem very real. Some parts will make you cry while others will make you jump for joy! Later on(in volume 8), NANA takes a plot twist you wouldn't have expected coming.

The art in NANA is very unique. You can just look at the art and feel the emotions of the characters without having to read the story. Plus, I find the designs for the characters' clothes very fashionable.

This is a series that you just don't wanna miss.....It's one of the best series out there!

Images of NANA.