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    I thought this was naruto discussion. when did it turned into politics?/:-

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    Quote Originally Posted by th3zone View Post
    I thought this was naruto discussion. when did it turned into politics?/:-
    A spammer bot posted an outdated wall of text related to the US presidential election (which I responded to).

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    ^ The reinforcements... for ninja they sure are slow (then again the action jumped a few times here and there so it's hard to say how much time really passed)... and not to smart. It seems like they have forgotten that there is no way that numbers can win against one Edodara, not to mention Tobi and the 10-tails. Stopping a nuclear warhead from firing is one thing, but going were it explodes is...

    Anyway, from what I can guess, it seems that Kyubi was able to copy Hashirama's technique/chakra trait that allows one to regenerate itself (it seems the chakra activates cells to reproduce faster and thus heals the target, good in dire situations, but for a long run, it's a bad thing to do since it shortens the lifespan), seeing as other Bijuu can't do that. Now Naruto can heal almost as well as that Slug summon ;0.
    What if Naruto can convert his actual body into one made of pure chakra (Kyuubi Mode)? Wouldn't that allow him to do his healing as a chakra body, without cells actually reproducing? It could be a useful way to avoid that weakness.

    However, Naruto (and other Uzumaki such as Karin) seem to be able to regenerate quickly on their own, too. And yet they were still known as the village of Longevity... maybe in an Uzumaki's case, one's lifespan isn't shortened by constant speedy regeneration, and they basically get the best of both worlds: fast, free regeneration?

    And since that process is a result of their enhanced life force (which radiates from Naruto's Kyuubi Chakra), that could be a part of the Kyuubi's chakra healing technique, as well!

    Basically, Naruto can now heal like Jesus if he wants to (according to this odd chain of reasoning).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlinfamous View Post
    What if Naruto can convert his actual body into one made of pure chakra (Kyuubi Mode)? Wouldn't that allow him to do his healing as a chakra body, without cells actually reproducing? It could be a useful way to avoid that weakness.
    I was thinking about this while also recalling madara's first approach against the kyubi, "you are a coalescence of chakra, obey!"

    The kyubi really is just a fragment of life that gained independence from its body so naruto turning himself or s clone into a mode without the physical body could be feasible depending on which and how many attributes of the kyubi will be the dominant factors in such a manifestation.

    To be honest, i think kishi is aware of this and intends a pure chakra mode down the line when naruto turns into evangelion level abstraction but it will likely be possible only through sharingan or rinnegan manipulation since that is the power turning the ten tails into a divided party without body.

    This will be end game with sasuke casting izanagi while naruto uses the fox to give sasuke chakra. Sasuke bypasses the darkness penalty with kyubi chakra and can manipulate or change anything physical or otherwise depending on the demands of the situation (hopefully epic demands!) By turning naruto and kyubi "ethereal" sasuke could even have a method of joining the subconscious link and use his sharingan to direct and assist them in some spiritual encounter of near final mode end boss dream madness.

    If not for sharingan then it can only be achieved by either carrying at least some small degree of physical penalty because naruto's body cannot simply disappear from the equation entirely or they must use only the fox's chakra to portion itself off and emulate some likeness of naruto or that portion of the fox's chakra will be accompanied by a portion of naruto's and whichever degree of "will' required from each. But does that not present its own problems? By the time such an ability is possible and without setbacks; I feel there will no longer be a practical need fir such a,mode to be present among shinobi or their battlefield, just no practical need at all to heal anybody in the common sense. That pure chakra form would be better suited to healing on the very very least, the scale of pein and his rinnei tensei to revive the casualties he caused in konaha. That is the sort of healing i see a pure chakra form of naruto sage bijuu performing but on a world wide level to correct the harm and unforeseen follies of infinite tsukiyomi and a bastardized juubi.

    So yea, a sharingan might yield even new modes for naruto and the fox or upgrade existing modes simply by sasuke cooperating and using manifestations if his will to empower his friends with his mighty sharingan. This is line with itachi's final lesson, is it not?
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    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I think/Hope/Believe you are right about SO6P and Kushina. Unfortunately, besides having incredible Chakra reserves, Naruto has not shown much of a Kekei Genkai from Kushina, although this is still a future option. ;0.

    Now I'm glad it turned out it was obito finally behind the mask so now my half assed hidden kekkei genkai of naruto theory may have even a sliver of credence

    Great work of kishi this week, didnt think kurama had it in him to be a team player and he was hip to the playbook before naruto was too. i guess he really is crafty like a fox. Ba dump Ching.............*(cricket silence in the background)

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    Kurama is so smart, and he has the ability to command the fight. awesome!

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