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@Knife Eater: Bee broke out of Madara's Mokuton from last chapter, due to Madara being taken out by Guy. The only Mokuton Obito used in this fight was against Naruto, who likewise broke free when he headbutted Obito. In other words, best counter to Mokuton is probably to attack the Mokuton user and break their connection to the binding branches, as doing so reverts the branches to more or less ordinary wood. At least in this version of the Mokuton.

@Paulbee: The Mokuton is Hashirama's means of channeling his pure life force into a living, physical technique. He creates life. It can also, seemingly, absorb life force from Bijuu in order to grow (or, in Zetsu's case, from other shinobi). Basically, it shows a mastery over Life Force / physical energies similar to the Sharingan's mastery over Mental energies. I would guess the SO6P had an equal/stronger way of achieving this, but that it could have been anything, and not necessarily restricted to plants.

The Rinnegan could combine these aspects to create a physical conduit for binding one's physical/mental energies, namely those black rods / chakra chains we've seen used to control Bijuu. They emit chains similar to Kushina's own power, which to me demonstrates a link between her ability (which I'd associate with her unique chakra as practically a Kekkei Genkai) and the SO6P/Rinnegan ability used by Obito.

The SO6P was also a master of ultimate sealing techniques, which probably played the biggest role. He merely had to weaken the Juubi enough to seal it (unless his Sealing Jutsu is the Narutoverse equivalent of a Master Ball).
I think/Hope/Believe you are right about SO6P and Kushina. Unfortunately, besides having incredible Chakra reserves, Naruto has not shown much of a Kekei Genkai from Kushina, although this is still a future option.

I think there is much tha Kurama could show/teach Naruto. Imagine if they get past this battle, and Naruto can freely give chakra to anyone he wants to. BTW he should hurryup and share Chakra with Gai (the guy is very useful, no pun intended).

I can see how Naruto could easily grow into a Sage of six paths as he develops and ramps up his physical life giving energies, but he still lacks the spiritual element, and I am not a fan of NaruSasuke fusion.

Perhaps the SO6P's prophesy regarding Naruto as a successor can be fulfilled without the need for him to complete becoming a Sage of six paths. All the Sage said essentially is that the Bijuu will be inside someone else, and that he would guide them to a better path.

BTW, Unless there is a Fragment of the Ichibi still inside Gaara, then somehow, Naruto mayl have to enter inside the Juubi and break off the piece needed.