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    - To answer what someone asked the reason Kakashi didn't use a Chidori attack was because he has to activate it before hand then wait for an unknown amount of time to use it. Obito's dimension switching is fairly quick and he didnt want to miss the opportunity. He still could have used a Kunai and stabbed him rather than his fist but oh well.

    - I like how Madara was just chilling on the steps like lol what?

    - Take a good look at the Kyuubi's eyes they look like MS eyes.

    I guess next week we see Sasuke & Orochimaru.

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    If Kishi switches to Sasuke and pals next week I won't mind. Kishi has shown us plenty of Naruto and pals and all it's important developments so far. I am anticipating Sasuke and Madara will cross paths soon.

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    It seems that Jubi's body is the closest to what Shukaku's was.

    The chakra disappeared because it was molded together into a completely new kind ?

    Kakashi's hair should have seriously turned red thanks to Kyubi's chakra :p.

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    1) This Juubi will probably not be quite as powerful as the original.

    2) Madara may not be able to become a Real Jinchuuriki, since he's an Edo and the Edo body is actually a reformatted corpse. This may be why Madara wasnted/still wants to be reanimated with Rinne Tensei instaed of Edo Tensei.

    3) The Juubi's eyes reall are Sharingan eyes.......ooh, now we know why the Uchiha are so cursed?

    4) While it's acceptable (to my thinking) for the Sharingan to be from the Juubi, There better not be ant such (KRAPP) about the Rinnegan.

    5) Now Madara has his Juubi (new toy), will he use the outer path chains to bind the Juubi's power to himself for his moons eye plan, or will he continue with the original plan?

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    Great chapter, a good deal of action and combo with Naruto/Kurama and Kakashi.

    The Juubi body looks like a mountain with arms and 1 big eye lol lol

    Anyone noticed that it should have 9 e tomoe in its sharigan and it only has 6 ? probably an indication of its imperfect form ?

    Witch brings me to think about it's "imperfect power". The ten tails is supposed to be the "fusion" or collection of all tailed beasts, but has we have seen in past chapters, Kurama was powerfull enough to handle a biju bomb made from 5 other biju, so the ten tails power could be accounted for, for being the sum of those powers, plus Ichibi (one tail), plus an tentacle from Hachibi and the Kyuubi chakra present in the Gold&Silver brothers.

    Although the G&S brothers could have an certain amount of kurama's chakra, it would still be little compared to Kyuubi's real power, but my real point is, the eight's tentacle can really have that much power to increase the total power of the sum of all the others tailed beasts.

    So the combination of both Bee/Hachibi and Naruto/Kurama, should (in theory) still be at least equal, or superior than the imperfect ten tails that Obito revived.

    Not mentioning that, the Juubi's soul/consciousness should also be the combination of the other Biju, and since they were on Naruto's side, maybe the then tails isn't such a big menace to the good guys.

    On a side note, i think that it's the first time, i enjoy the translation from mangapanda instead of the one from mangastream, at least on the most panels.

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    ^I agree with too much of this.

    This might have been the SINGLE MOST OPPORTUNE window, in history, that any shinobi has ever been given in which the situation practically required--nay, begged--for the usage of his or her signature technique by providing that shinobi with the element of surprise, execution, and circumstance that would ensure maximum effectiveness and destructiveness of the jutsu. And Kakashi WASTED IT!!!

    Where oh WHERE was his "1000 Years of Pain" no jutsu?! >:-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirxxx View Post
    Where oh WHERE was his "1000 Years of Pain" no jutsu?! >:-(

    Hahaha! Someone needs to draw this. It really should be Kakashi's final technique though, seeing as it doesn't require chakra. Is "1,000 Years of Pain" a jutsu Kakashi copied from Gai? One of the true mysteries of Naruto... The origin of the jutsu capable of breaking through any defense! Surely Gai made this technique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majere View Post
    Although the G&S brothers could have an certain amount of kurama's chakra, it would still be little compared to Kyuubi's real power, but my real point is, the eight's tentacle can really have that much power to increase the total power of the sum of all the others tailed beasts.
    I always think of the amount of Nine tails Chakra those two have as 2 weeks worth of Kurama's meat. It's not that much, but I'd say its still a big chunk of Kurama's Flesh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    I guess next week we see Sasuke & Orochimaru.
    Ha ha. Yes, Kishi does this kind of things.

    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Nice chapter. If only Kakashi doesn't need any answer, he could have put a hole through Obito's body. He should have done more than a punch though.
    Actually I thougth the previous idea was to permanently have a rasengan ready Naruto clone in the other dimension, so that we can kick Obito in the balls and see what happen.

    I'm quite sure the 10-tails is not free to act at the moment. It is supposed to be super kick ass. If Madara and Obito can just subdue it now so easilly while they are still battling against Naruto and cie, then no one would see it anymore as such a danger. The chains that were on the gedo are a sign to me that the 10 tails will is controlled from the very start. The chains had no purpose since the gedo had no will, unless there are meant to become the chains of the will of the 10-tails.

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    *Juubi going berserk and destroys 50%(just fodders, no worries) of Naruto world*
    then Naruto appears
    *rasengan* didn't work.
    *rasen-shuriken* not working
    *biju-rasengan* okay need something new...
    Naruto: Hey I learned all your names [talk no jutsu start]
    Juubi: o'really?
    Naruto: yea /says them all
    Juubi: /waterfall of tears. No way! All I wanted was to be accepted by the community with all my names but nobody liked them.
    Naruto: it's ok, i'm here now and everyone will accept/like them.
    *Juubi flashback when he was a kid and everyone staring at him like .... the bijuu he is*
    Naruto and Juubi fusing.....Super Juubito!!
    --Madara, Tobi and all the bad guys die just by seeing Juubito--
    Kakashi: really are....
    [talk no jutsu /end]

    The end

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