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Thread: The Moon

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    The Moon

    Call me crazy, but i got an idea in my head when Pain said the The Sage created the moon.

    Now what if he made this moon like the basis of all justus?

    I use this in reference to Avatar of course. In that show the waterbender's got there strength from the Moon, as the firebenders got it from the Sun ect ect.

    So it possibly has a connection that the person who MADE THE JUTSU possible made it happen throught the MOON

    i dunnno, just a thought....

    i also don't know how it quite matters...

    Naruto could destroy the moon and end all Ninja/Jutsu shit or something....shitty ending, but it is a possible one :/

    let the bashing begin

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    could be true, but unlikely

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    Could of been a metaphor to compare how large of a scale the sage jutsus is compared to his.

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    would be interesting if he actually did create the moon. but it really wouldnt change anything though.

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    I think The Sage actually created the moon, but it's just why would he even say that. Kishi usually ahs meaning for things that don't seem to matter

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    This theory would mean that the moon is chakra basically. But if there was no chakra before the moon, I wonder (if its true) how the Sage of Six Paths got the moon up there? Also, I'd doubt that the moon is the source of everyone's internal Spiritual energy and Physical stamina. And what about Nature's energy? The energy of every living thing. Would that be a result of the moon too?

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    No that would be water.

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    Without the moon, would humans have been able to survive? Im not really sure what the answer is. But if its no, then that means humanity started when Rikudou created the moon if he created the moon. I say its just how people at the time percieved the size to be, since I dont think primitives of that age have an actual scale of the moon.

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    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    im not sure if actual scientific data can be concluded in this theory.. but nagato only mentioned that the sage of the six path was thought to have created the moon.. so like hand banana said, its more of legend just to imply how powerful rikodou was..

    anyways, im sure the naruto world still follow certain astronomical principles and the fact that the moon is about 384,000 km aways and about 1/3 the size of earth seems to reject the idea that rikodou cud actually create it in the first place..

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    I dont know. maybe this will help.


    Keyword summary: intuition, feminine, psychic.

    Throughout many traditions the sun represents the father and male principle and the moon the mother and feminine principle. The energy of the moon is intuitive, deep, subtle, feminine and psychic. To say this is a feminine energy does not mean to say this energy is just for women. Men and women have their female and male aspects. We all develop them both.

    The moon is also associated with clairvoyance and knowing without thinking. To use the energy of the moon does not involve conscious thought. So to wear or have around you the symbol of the moon is to state your universal intention to use your intuition, to simply go with what you feel and to know that to do this is for your greater good.

    The moon has different phases and throughout these phases it affects us in different ways. For example the full moon represents illumination, unconscious made conscious and all can be seen. The crescent moon symbolises new beginnings and the making of dreams into reality. Because of this cyclic nature the moon it is also connected to rebirth and how our true essence really is immortal.

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