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    Quote Originally Posted by merciless View Post
    last time i asked if its subbed kk you made it obvious but now , whats difference between them? xDD
    That means, if you don't have an HD monitor don't bother with the 720p.

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    I wonder if it's only me who notice this, but since naruto shippuden started everytime a member of akatsuki is defeated there's a filler, and the fillers are poor, they make me hate naruto,

    (Don't post manga info in the anime forum - thsv) we still looking for oro's hidden place in the anime !!! what a shame

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    There was no filler after Sasori but after the second Sasuke Retrieval arc, so we only had a filler after one akatsuki member died once. Still I hate filers, but at least this one is (Imho) the best filler arc of naruto. Though I hate the fact it had to be made NOW.
    I hope there is no filler arc from now on until the anime is where the manga is right now. (That would be at least 2 Years)

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