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    I agree with Dragonflame, even though I wouldn't be so aggressive (just kidding ), but I think there is a reason for the incredibly fast power-up of Naruto compared to Rufy's. The way the world in OP is made is different from Naruto's world, in Op the more you go on in the grand line the stronger opponents you fight, because only the strongest are able to go through the risks in the grand line, in Naruto it's about countries (fire country, wind, rock etc..), so you could end up fighting a strong opponent at the beginning and at the end fight a weaker opponent, because it's not like Op. This is why Kishi had to make Naruto so powerful in such few chapters and Oda can make Rufy grow stronger gradually. I didn't say I support Kishimoto, in fact I prefer Oda, but I don't think he is a person who doesn't know how to draw a manga

    Anyway, I think Kubo has the best art and Oda has the best plot and best characters together with Kishimoto (even though I don't like the last ones in OP)

    I hope the things I wrote are easy to understand (and of course without any mistakes )

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    Well looks like most people here think Oda has done the best work out of the 3 so far. I guess I'd have to agree. He has developed the ability to make every chapter satisfying (unlike Kubo and Kishi, where sometimes you honestly think that there was no point in "that" chapter). The plot has progressed a helluva lot too. It's developed as well as getting bigger as the series has progressed. Also his art has always been great, although you can see that he has gotten better.

    I honestly don't think Kubo has made a mistake with his plot. Once the SS arc started, the plot has been pretty consistant. However he certaintly has a problem of keeping too many characters and theres no way he'll be able to progress all of them as much as he'd like to. Hopefully he won't try, and will save some of his character ideas for some future manga. He also dissappoints fans with certain chapters where nothing interesting happens. I still love Bleach though. I like the characters (just that theres too many), I like the art, the fighting, and the plot; in fact Bleach is my favourite out of the three.

    Naruto, plotwise, has gotten abit mad. I keep waiting for a revelation that will fit everything into place and make us all go "woah, awesome, so that's what we've been waiting for". Until then though, I do like the art, the fights, and some of the characters.

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    IMO of the three Naruto to me has been the one to almost get worse over the years. I dont mean this to offend people but like others said some of the events are just too wtf?!?!?! for example how every single great event leads back to the almighty SHARINGAN!! I understand that it is a cool eye technique but it has gotten cheap power-ups for no reason.

    Now on to Bleach... out of the three mangas Bleach started off WAYYY better than the others it had style, a cool artstyle, and a intersting plot, BUT as we all know after the SS arc things changed but I think Bleach really went down hill(plot wise)when they entered Hueco Mundo and the chapters turned into extended fight clips. Other than that the only problems I have with Bleach are the random power-ups.

    Finally, we have One piece which IMO has few flaws and none of these flaws were to drastic. When I read OP almost everything pleases me the art(which does need growing on to) the story and the fights all of these components go well together because Oda puts them together the right way!

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    Kishimoto - A complex plot which although arguably engrossing in the long run, unfortunately sometimes causes the story to become too confusing for a weekly manga.
    Kubo - A rather straightforward plot. Unfortunately, the extended fight scenes causes the story to drag out a lot.
    Oda - A simple, straightforward plot. The pace seems to be quite slow at times, but Oda tries to make the reader engrossed with each release while still making his way through the plot.

    Kishimoto - Probably has the deepest and most dynamic characters in mainstream shounen (e.g. Sasuke, Shikamaru, Naruto). However, the time he spends developing these characters causes some other major characters to remain undeveloped.
    Kubo - Too many potentially good characters, and thus too many underdeveloped characters. Even the main character is kinda bland.
    Oda - Oda spends a great amount of time developing each main character. His main characters have great depth, but seem very static.

    Mythos, Knowledge, Philosophy
    Kishimoto - A rather complex mythos and knowledge system encompassing at least 4 generations, and with a rather complex explanation of battle mechanics. I think it's good, but the complexity more often than not causes confusion and some inconsistencies. No moral black and white.
    Kubo - Not complicated at all. History is highly incoherent, though.
    Oda - Elegantly simple. I would prefer it to be slightly more complex, but why fix something that works?

    Kishi - Kishi is capable of some good character designs, but a lot of times it seems that he should exert a bit more effort.
    Kubo - If there's one thing this series shines in above the rest, it's the art.
    Oda - Even if I've become used to the art in this series, I still wouldn't put it in the top 10 amongst the current series. However, I agree with a previous poster, Oda puts a good amount of detail in his backgrounds.

    Kishimoto - Best potential for a good story due to its intricacies, but Kishi isn't taking advantage of the full potential. May be unnecessarily complex at times.
    Bleach - Simple story, and the premise is good, but most of the time ends up being just eye candy.
    Oda - Simple and yet very entertaining story. Oda is rather good at keeping the reader's attention.

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    there are two things oda does really, really well that the others don't and what puts him above them in my opinion.

    number one is that he actually makes past arcs and characters relevant. I remember when reading the laboon and little garden arcs that they were pointless, and yet they have both become major plot points later on in the manga. when was the last time anything like that happened in bleach or naruto?

    similarly he gives even minor characters significant development through the cover arcs. the vast majority of named characters in one piece have gotten at the very least decent amounts of development, and we actually get to see what happens to characters after they strawhats say good bye, which is genius. compared to naruto and bleach where there are main characters that we literally know next to nothing about (I'm looking at you shino).

    the second thing that oda does is keep the power levels fairly consistent. there are no real major jumps in strength and while luffy is clearly the strongest of the strawhats he isn't so much stronger than the rest that they might as well not exist. unlike in naruto or bleach where it is to the point where if you are not naruto or ichigo you will get your ass beat by anybody with any significant power level just to make the villains defeat more impressive.

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    hm, from what i've seen, kubo has the best art. kishimoto has the deepest/most dramatic plot. but i can't say that since i haven't read Oda's....
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