I agree with Dragonflame, even though I wouldn't be so aggressive (just kidding ), but I think there is a reason for the incredibly fast power-up of Naruto compared to Rufy's. The way the world in OP is made is different from Naruto's world, in Op the more you go on in the grand line the stronger opponents you fight, because only the strongest are able to go through the risks in the grand line, in Naruto it's about countries (fire country, wind, rock etc..), so you could end up fighting a strong opponent at the beginning and at the end fight a weaker opponent, because it's not like Op. This is why Kishi had to make Naruto so powerful in such few chapters and Oda can make Rufy grow stronger gradually. I didn't say I support Kishimoto, in fact I prefer Oda, but I don't think he is a person who doesn't know how to draw a manga

Anyway, I think Kubo has the best art and Oda has the best plot and best characters together with Kishimoto (even though I don't like the last ones in OP)

I hope the things I wrote are easy to understand (and of course without any mistakes )