Hmm it's been a long time since their mangas have started.
I hope the tards keep out of this thread, because this is a thread of progress not dominance.

In their respective beginnings oda was the best the art,the story, everything...and yet i have a feeling that there has been a shift in power recently. Don't get me wrong they are all great mangakas and their work is probably one of the best ever.

I started researching their art, work , plot and lines and noticed that the one who has made most progress and maturity was Kishimoto, also considering things Naruto's theme is the most darkest of all.

Kubo on the other hand his storyline has gotten retarded in an old greek way(meaning he is staling with the plot , this is an expresion), yet i still the character of Ichigo more than luffy or naruto.

Oda was always great, yet he is standing still on the top and with every chapter his manga seems so childlike, the characters are almost shalow caricatures(i mean the new ones)....yet the promise of a great ending keeps me going...

So in conclusion i want to hear your thoughts on all of them,which one of you think will be the best in the end....if this thread causes anything bad i then plea to the admins to immediately close it.