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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiameyo View Post
    Well, can Naruto honestly even lead a team during a mission? Would he be able to make good plans that won't be comprised of "Let's just go kick their butts!" ? I doubt it. Shikarmaru was taken because of his tactical brilliance, not because he was the strongest.

    What I'm saying is that sure, Naruto may have Hokage+ level of power at the moment, but does that qualify him to be Hokage if he can't even lead a mission (chuunin) or mentor some kids (jounin)? He has brawn, but I don't believe he has quite enough brains at the moment when it comes to taking account lives other than his own.

    (Remember the old Gaara as a more extreme version of what Naruto would be like during the exam, if he had to take it.)
    Today's Naruto has become a lot less impulsive.

    Once he get's over his Sasuke obsession he'll be more Kage worthy. OTOH Naruto doesn't seem to have a head for subtle and intricate gray area problems.

    If he is ever chosen as Hokage, he'll need Kakashi and Iruka as Elders.

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    naruto isn't good at thinking plan before a mission, but he can adapt basically at everything and thinking out of the box can modify his strategy to engage his enemy

    shika is a strategist, but naruto has a solid grasp on tactics

    i think that naruto now can lead a squad without problem if they make him work on a squad

    howewer, i think that even if naruto would have gotten shika intelligence he would still be a genin
    the elders (and in part sarutobi and tsunade too i think):
    because this way he can be easily controlled and he had to go out on mission with a team with at least 1 jonin
    for different reason
    for the elders he's a weapon (they subtely stated that several time if i remember well) and need to be controlled all the time
    for sarutobi/tsunade to protect him from both inside and outside source

    so even if he was a Caesar reborn, he would still be a genin

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    When Naruto initially fought Zabuza he managed to come up with a plan to defeat an S class criminal Jounin Ninja and inform his team mate of it without even talking to him. So he was capable of leading a squad in the initial chapters of the manga. Later on in the forest of death he initiated a plan that his team figured out later that allowed them to rest while he bought them time against the Genjutsu ambushers...

    Intelligence isn't an issue with Naruto it was his lack of an education combined with the fact a brick is more perceptive then he is. Naruto has natural leadership qualities that make people want to follow him even when they are the enemy. He also has this inspirational ability that brings out the best in people he meets or in Kabuto's case the worst. His tactical abilities are extremely well honed in an instinctive manner, but if you placed Shikamaru against Naruto its likely Naruto would be able to defeat him, not because he is smarter, but because Shikamaru wouldn't be able to accurately predict Naruto's actions...

    Most people didn't want Naruto to become a ninja. I mean compare Rock Lee with Naruto. Naruto took the final exam 3 times and every year it was the one jutsu he completely and totally sucked at, but Rock Lee who can't even make a single Bunshin passed... Then he is assigned Kakashi the 100% fail rate teacher... If that isn't stacking the deck against Naruto I don't know what is.

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    naruto would completely destroy all the Genins lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by System Shock View Post
    System Shock naruto would completely destroy all the Genins lol.
    He wouldn't be doing anything, just summoning shadow clones, kicking back and watching them get demolished.
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    Naruto doesn't need to take the exam since Kakashi is Hokage.

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    Naruto could take the Hokage exam if he wanted, but the final test is "can save a single friend", and Naruto is still flunking. Don't be fooled, he's only chasing after Sasuke because it will eventually look good on his resume.

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    Naruto is going from genin straight to hokage

    reason why? just read chapter 43

    I hope someone of you guy, agrees with me

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    Nobody does.

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