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Well, can Naruto honestly even lead a team during a mission? Would he be able to make good plans that won't be comprised of "Let's just go kick their butts!" ? I doubt it. Shikarmaru was taken because of his tactical brilliance, not because he was the strongest.

What I'm saying is that sure, Naruto may have Hokage+ level of power at the moment, but does that qualify him to be Hokage if he can't even lead a mission (chuunin) or mentor some kids (jounin)? He has brawn, but I don't believe he has quite enough brains at the moment when it comes to taking account lives other than his own.

(Remember the old Gaara as a more extreme version of what Naruto would be like during the exam, if he had to take it.)
Today's Naruto has become a lot less impulsive.

Once he get's over his Sasuke obsession he'll be more Kage worthy. OTOH Naruto doesn't seem to have a head for subtle and intricate gray area problems.

If he is ever chosen as Hokage, he'll need Kakashi and Iruka as Elders.