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    Hi everyone

    Does anyone of you know about this manga series I would like to read it from vol 30

    I found a website that can translate the chapters and they have till chapter 275 it took ages till they translate one chapter

    I would like to read the whole manga if any one of you have some raws of what happend after the chapter 275 or vol 30

    hope to find some replies to me


    I am a big fan of Hyunikle

    ooooooooooh my no body have it or know about it

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    no replies looks no one know about it

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    doing your mom
    do u have a link where we can read the manga u are talking about


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    There's almost a release every day so SquareOcean is trying to catch up.

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    thanks alot for your replies

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    I've read the whole series ages ago... Dai will die. Everyone will live happily

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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    do u have a link where we can read the manga u are talking about
    You can also find it here :

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