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    Angry Computer Virus and Software :(

    My friggin computer has a virus, and my computer is really f'ed up. My sound doesnt work, my internet is about to commit suicide, and other weird things are happening. Im going to take this computer for diagnostics, and then probably have to get a new hard drive or something. I wont be on for a while(and these past couple of days I was gone since I was wrestling with sighning in my damn computer!).

    So I did some research, and for all of you that dont have an antivirus program like I did(expensive), then there's a really good free one called avg anti virus or something, from Just go to downloads, security and its the top one I think.

    If anyone has any other tips, knowledge or advice, discuss it here. And I'll try to stay sane without a computer.
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    I've had viruses before. Usually the problem can easily be solved by simply reformatting your hard drive. I'd try that before doing something drastic like buying a new HD.

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    AVG isnt exactly the best...i had a worm on my pc, and the only way for me to get rid of it was "antivir", anyway, there are things that an anti virus cant take care of... trojans, worms..

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    We've been here before. AVG and Avast are the best known free anti viruses. You could just eliminate the need for anti viruses by switching to Linux.
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    ugh, i had one a while ago. my laptop was just completely restarted. kill the computer, and start over, thats what happened with me

    i didnt like that way though, a whole bunch of my stuff was deleted :(
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    Do a system restore before reformating, its fast and less of a hassle, if that fails do the reformat

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    It's a uses up a small slice of memory, but have all your resident protection on. All the time. Spybot and AVG both have great resident programs and I keep both open all the time. A firewall is also important. You can't be too safe.

    Also, don't install programs without researching about them first.

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