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    I dare you
    lol, I was going to start reading this, but 1 month per chapter, is a pain in the ass, so... NO (so, how many chapters are there on the "first" season?)

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    Well, I was glad to hear Konomi Takeshi was to continue the series.. Prince of Tennis ended too suddenly, so I looked forward to seeing what the sequel would be like..
    And then it's going to be MONTHLY!!?
    I mean, what the buck?
    Guess this means I'm to wait for a year before proceeding past these two chapters.. And from then on annually check for any updates... Maaaan, I'm gonna be over thirty when it's long enough a series to be read

    However the beginning looks good - art, the immensive awesomeness and all. I guess there will be kewl~ tennis coming up, I don't think all the highschoolers are on the level we've seen so far.

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    It's monthly, but at least we got 2 chapters in the second month. The first 3 chapters have all been really good, imho.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Momoshiro's match in a few weeks.

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    Glad to see a continuation. In my opinion, the original left too many openings... But it's gonna take FOREVER to get to the good stuff...

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    I'm beginning to think that this isn't worth reading. Chapter 4 only had 13 pages...

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    Chapter 5 just came out, with 22 pages. What an amusing turn of events at the end.

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    Unidentified Matches:
    Tezuka vs Ka(idou)?
    And Echizen vs ______? I was gonna Kintaro but he's playing Chitose.
    Shiraishi vs _____? ...Tachibana is playing someone else. :\
    Jackal will probably face Mayuri or whatever his name is.

    Game predictions!
    1. Oshitari
    2. Niou
    3. Kikumaru
    4. Kamino...
    5. Krauser
    6. Yukimura
    7. Shishido
    8. Fuji
    9. Kite
    10. Atobe
    11. Tezuka
    12. Shiraishi
    13. Not Jackal
    14. ...Who? Are these the gay guys? :\
    15. Echizen
    16. Inui
    17. Jin
    18. Kirihara
    19. Kintarou
    20. Tachibana
    21. ...Who is Kabiji facing?
    22. Who?
    23. Who?
    24. Rin? Who's he facing?
    25. Sengoku


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    After 5 chapters... Not that impressed.

    Though, I'd like to see who Ryoma is against.

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    Too many names to remember in prince of tennis...just when I thought there was enough people in the nationals
    There are three types of people in the world. Those who can count, and those who can't.

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