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    Bartender ~ Araki Joh & Kenji Nagatomo

    Bartender by Araki Joh & Kenji Nagatomo

    Summary from Wikipedia:
    Bartender follows the nightlife of Ryū Sasakura, a bartending prodigy who is said to mix the best cocktails anyone has ever tasted. Sasakura bides his time in a bar named Eden Hall, hidden in a nook of the Ginza district in downtown Tokyo. It is said that normal people cannot simply find and enter Eden Hall, but they must be invited in by the host. Over the course of the anime, various figures of high and low stature, all of who share unusual troubles and heavy burdens, are "invited" into Eden Hall and are treated to Sasakura's fine drinks, which, with guidance from the young bartender, lead the customers to reflect on their lives and decide on a course of action to tackle with their problems.
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    Hey, did a quick search and nothing came up.
    Has anyone read the manga here. I've only seen a couple of the anime episodes and think it looks alright. I've looked for the manga to see what thats like. Yet to see it in a shop, also haven't managed to find downloads to scanlations / seen a lot of dead links. Just wondering on anime/manga differences, the anime is 11 eps and the manga is 11 volumes ongoing so i imagine theres a lot more in the manga and whether anyone else liked it?

    Bartender on Baka-Updates. ~ImotoChan
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    I've read the manga, and love it =]
    Not only does it give me information about cocktails, but the story is funny too.
    But I don't think many people know this..
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    Its an awesome manga actually. It teaches you how to mix alcoholic drinks xDD
    I'll bite you to death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincentjr View Post
    Its an awesome manga actually. It teaches you how to mix alcoholic drinks xDD
    Exactly why I was interested in it.

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    hehehe nice! im gonna read that!

    Thanks Blue hime!

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    awesome manga!
    you learn a lot about liquors, cocktails, history and a life as a bartender...
    kinda refreshing

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    Everybody in this manga has a giganourmous nose

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