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    MangaShare - PS3 Tournament

    Do you guys/gals feel we should have a MangaShare PS3 Tournament?

    What I propose is that each fortnight/month we pick a game to compete on and then go about kicking each others asses in a MangaShare Exclusive Tournament.

    Of course the time of the Tournament's and other fine details will need to be looked into if there is enough interest in this.

    So please if you have any comments about the pros and cons of this project post them.



    Wolverine: ???
    Phixion: Phixion0
    Mass Zero: MassZERO
    Sangaz: Sangaz or Shark-Fujishiro
    DFX: TengenToppaGL
    Tadashi Seiren: ???
    tatsukai1990: ReticulatedJig
    Shinhan: ???
    [Cross]: Corrupt3d_Sol
    Simian: Djdie
    POW: Zaxon8
    Linkz: UchihaPain
    Faizaud: Faizaud_27
    Wizzle: ULoki
    Jaiden: Jaiden84
    Gohanssj237: DBKAIZ0R
    xzero20: Xzero20
    Veleon: Veleon
    xioaxioa: Xioaxioa
    King Of Soul Society: AtTa-MaN
    Aleph-sama: Aleph-Sama
    Bowserpat: bowserpat
    Sh_thappenz: Sh_t-happenz
    Gulley: Gulleygrim
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