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    MangaShare - Xbox 360 Tournament

    Do you guys/gals feel we should have a MangaShare Xbox Tournament?

    What I propose is that each fortnight/month we pick a game to compete on and then go about kicking each others asses in a MangaShare Exclusive Tournament.

    Of course the time of the Tournament's and other fine details will need to be looked into if there is enough interest in this.

    So please if you have any comments about the pros and cons of this project post them.



    Wolverine: ??? (GMT)
    Franky: TRAP 220 (-8:00 GMT)
    Aragor: Falke 7 (GMT)
    Simian: Di3live (+1:00 GMT)
    Frost102585: frost102585j (-8:00 GMT)
    CiTo_Uchiha: Cito1109 (-5:00 GMT)
    Monkey D. Dragon: Dragon Di3 (-7:00 GMT)
    colas: colaslive
    Monz: ILukeSkywackerI
    afro thunda: Afro Thunda X (-8:00 GMT)
    Masgrande: BleakHell Spawn (-4:00 GMT)
    Sir Chaos: CJWasHere (GMT)
    Thorax: thorax720
    Soniic: IEmphatic
    Perverted Pirate: GT: GodOfLazy
    DKM: dkm1989
    sharingan360: ???
    Umbra: ??? (-6:00 GMT)
    The Ama: ???
    xioaxioa: ???
    NoLifeKing1331: ???
    [DFX] with his brothers Xbox: ???
    Zero Sora: ???
    spiro: ???
    sharingan360: ???
    Tadashi Seiren + Friend: ???
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