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    Recommendations For Shoujo/Josei

    I am very excited to share my recommendations with other josei/romance/smut fans out there.
    I am a 28 year old woman but I still enjoy my guilty pleasures from manga reading.
    I need the guy to be a bishie, good ending, strong character and character development, good sexy romance (with good writing), and smut and a happy ending. For me , one of the key points are strong male leads and so far i have not found anyone better than Hakuron (haou Airen ) and Tukumi (nana). If you know of any hot bad guys turned good after romance please do share.

    For me the leading male must be a bishie with a strong character. I look for capturing romance and character development. I think one-shots dont allow that, so I prefer long series with happy ending. I really enjoy smut/josei because I am 29
    I will recommend:

    1. Haou Airen (Sorry about the tragic ending, wish that was different. Otherwise Hakuron is one of the sexiest agressive male bishies in manga for me. The ultimate bad boy who has fallen in love...and the smut just shows his aggression and passion. Well Done Mayo Shinju, Love you for this one!!.)
    2. Midnight Secretary ( A very Sexy guy, a woman who has a head on her shoulders and is competent and a good detail to story. I loved reading it.)
    3. Nana ( Drama, Romance,Plot depth is excellent, Bishies!! For me Takumi is another sexy bishie.. Bad boy. A very realistic and identifying story. A definite work of art in storytelling by Ai Yawaza)
    4.Renai Shijou Shugi & Honey x Honey Drops ( By Minami Konan. Good story. Good Bishies. There is the element of sports and high school, but for me this is enjoyable because the sexy smuttiness)
    5. The One ( I am definately enjoying this manga by Nicky Lee. Very good art work and a very strong plot and the romance is original. You will not be disappointed

    If you like anyone of my recommendations please let me know and if you share a similar interest please share your favourites with me. I will also recommend a few more:

    * Chou yo Hana yo, Haa Haa, Aisuru Hito (all by Yoshihara Yuki)
    * 100% Perfect Girl
    * Paradise Kiss (Ai Yazawa always has a good story and pays attention to character detail)
    * Get You (smut and comedy)
    * The Poisonous Flower (One shot but smexy & the smuttiest work by Mayu Shinju)
    * Mars ( I must recommend this manga. Great story. The art is old but it is still a very good romantic read.)
    * Love Celeb (good mix of smut, bishie and comedy. only loses its edge towards the end but a lot of fun for 20-25 chapters)
    * Goong (Enjoyable art and good plot, as well as characters)
    * Masca (ongoing manhwa- enjoyable read with the charasmatic demon as the bishie)
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