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    Rockman.EXE ~ Takamisaki Ryo

    Hello everyone!

    OK, I know its the first post and so on, therefore my deep apologies if I am at the wrong forum, but maybe someone can help me.

    Since a little while I am back on my Rockman Exe trip and now I am looking for the Megaman NT Warrior Mangas, scanlated somewhere on the net. Since the mangas have been released in English already, I have my doubts to find any scanlations, but scans itself would do the trick for me.

    Please let me know if there is any source around.

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    Baka-Updates can only find a few Rockman chapters and none of them are Rockman.EXE. There's also nothing more available on Lurk, so I think you'll have quite some trouble finding chapters for Rockman.EXE.

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    well, thanks for the help. I was wondering, because i saw quite a few posts and comments about rockman exe scans around, but no links nor downloads anywhere. since there seems to be no group translating, I assume those are just some scans shared in small communities....pity...


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