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    Quote Originally Posted by XlamlamlX View Post

    That's not the only reason why Byakuya didn't win, his hollow form took over when Ichigo was supposed to lose, so the hollow Ichigo owned Byakuya hard and thats true.
    yeah but a big part of that was just the surprise effect that it had on byakuya. hollow ichigo came out of nowhere right when byakuya thought it was over and totally overwhelmed byakuya before he knew what was happening. I think had byakuya been expecting it, it would not have been anywhere as near lopsided as that fight was.

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    i thought the whole point of a fight is not knowing what the opponent is going to do next so you cant say that byukua lost cuz he wasnt expecting hollow ichigo - but its true what most of u guys are saying ichig didnt pawn byukua the way ulquiorra is defeating ichigo at the moment
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    um...its one thing to not know what moves your opponent is capable of in the beginning of a fight and deal with it as you go(as was the case in this fight when ichigo went bankai). its something complete different when you know your opponent is done for, out of power, and you are in the midst of making the finishing blow--then out of nowhere he starts kicking your ass for no forseeable reason. thats what I mean when I say that hollow ichigo surprised byakuya.

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    Well, I would have said Byakuya had a chance, but I don't think so now after seeing this week's chapter.

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    Gotta agree with above. I was being objective by saying Byakuya would be a match but after this chapter.....Lets just say I'd like to switch my stance from "Byakuya stands a better chance against Ulquiorra than Ichigo" to "No Contest: Ulquiorra wins". Read the newest chapter to understand if you haven't by the time anyone reads this.

    This thread is over and should be graveyarded because of the new chapter lol.

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