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    I am going to say no... well... she might be injured... but no one ever dies in Bleach which is sorta annoying actually... so I don't think there is anyway she will die... she could be injured but I hope not... because that will just fuel Ichigo into another bull shit power up and he will defeat Ulquiorra some how even though he is obviously much weaker than him. >_>
    Maybe Kubo will go apeshit with the script and do something like kill Inoue off without Ichigo ever finding out. Sort of like when a parent lies to a child that their pet is dead. "Oh, Inoue went on a long trip and she won't be back for a looooong time, Ichigo".

    But on a more serious note, I doubt we can predict the storyline based on "what makes sense" since Kubo isn't exactly one to stay consistent with his own stories. How many plotholes have been discovered already anyway?

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    well if inoue is going to die or get injured, we probably wont know until summer time(exaggerated) lol

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