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    I dunno, I just have this sick feeling in my stomach that Orihime will be the one to defeat Ulqui. after all, he seems to be as much her nemesis as Ichigo's. Plus, I can totally see kubo going in such a stupid direction as that the way things are going right now. I wouldn't be surprised if Ichigo's next big powerup didnt show up till the fight with aizen.
    How do that be stupid? Id love that to happen!

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    orihime Won't Die Unfortunately. I Believe When She Goes Up There, she Will Be The One To Go Berserk And Try And Lay Out Some Kind Of Pathetic Ass Whooping. She Will Probably Find Some New Inner Power Up Or Something. If Orihime Ends Up Saving Ichigo, Ichigo Needs To Be Kicked Out Of The Heros Club And Kill Himself.

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