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    Quote Originally Posted by afro thunda View Post
    I think we can safely assume that God Realm is the main body that Nagato likes to communicate from. When God Realm is on the scene, its always the body doing all the talking. As for the deal with God Realm giving the orders....Same thing + Its got "God" in the name + He was explaining the plan to Konan as well.
    It is just a thought but this could explain how his powers work.

    Lets say that the chakra rods are mainly to bring each body to life, and each body has a mind partially controlled by Nagato.

    God realm being his friend probably goes along willingly, the others are more slaves then puppets thus why he has to order them around.

    This would also explain why ino's clan was amazed at him being able to control so many body's at once. In other words he is not controlling them fully so that he can control all 6, then give them orders from god realm to fill in the gaps of the puppeteer work.
    The fact that they can all see from each others eyes would explain all the coordination without orders during a fight.

    Just a rough idea that needs polishing but ninjas are about tricks and techniques. He very well could be combining several elements to pull off the six paths in the first place.

    Kinda like in the cartoons when a head falls off a character and the body can't find the head because it can not see but fumbles around under orders from the head. That is how i see Peins six paths puppet control, The actual Visual help that allows him to move them around properly comes from rinnengan.

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    The reason

    Quote Originally Posted by 10 Shequel View Post
    Konan used The name Nagato for The first time is Chapter 436.

    I don't remember all The situations, But couldn't there be a situation which she could call him by his name Nagato? I find it hard to believe.
    Did you notice how God realm gave orders to Attack Konoha? if all bodies are controlled by Nagato ,then why God Realm must give orders?

    What I am trying to say is... Who told us The God Realm is another body?
    It could be Yahiko for real, only he sees The old Yahiko as "Dead" and now he goes by The name Pain.

    The reason God realm spoke out all the roles that the bodies were going to take is because Konan's paper clone was their and she needed instructions on what is going to happen with their attack plan.

    Konan was not with Nagato at this time, so that is the only explination of why he would call out everyone's position as he did.

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    ithink he choses God relam becuz it was his closest friend that Probably died, who knows yet. So he makes him act as if he is still alive.
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    I don't think Yahiko pain is dead. Yahiko pain only said that the old Yahiko in him died, but didn't say that he himself is a reanimated corpse.

    The proof of that would be that of all those pain(s), Yahiko pain is the only one who never gets summoned. Even after he did that nuke thingy, only his body remained, the rest disappeared.


    ↑ That statement is only a reference to his former self, the old Yahiko that J-man knew. He originally said "me", when if Nagato was the one controlling him, he would of said "him" instead.

    This is probably because Yahico truly believes that he has become a God.

    Now if he is the real deal, then how come he has the Rinnegan?

    Well one way is surgery, although I highly doubt that Nagato can sprout/grow new eyeballs. Another way would be symbiosis, just like Naruto's relation with the fox (although I would call the fox a parasite in this case...damn freeloader, it bet he's just waiting to deliver some buttsecks no jutsu on Hinata).

    And just like when Naruto tells the fox to give him some of his chackra (every time he uses the kyubi chackra, naruto's eyes changes to resemble characteristics of the kyubi), so could Yahico by means of those rods in his body.

    And every time Nagato dumps chackra into Yahiko his eyes change to resemble some of Nagato's characteristics, but that doesn't make Yahiko the puppet.

    Now when Konan yelled that "don't do it Nagato, it will shorten your lifespan" could might as well be referring to the fact that Yahiko told Nagato to stop dumping chackra into the other corpses, and give him the necessary chackra required to perform the technique. Naturally he had no choice, because in his mind he thinks this will bring peace, and is even prepared to sacrifice himself in order to achieve his dream.

    Nagato being in the wheelchair thing might as well be a side-effect of those pain(s) constantly eating away his chackra. This just goes to show you that if you rely on puppets to do your bidding, when you are fully capable of hand-to-hand, distance combat not only does it make you look stupid, but it also makes you look like a ******* prick .

    But these are just my thoughts and speculations.

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    He told his plan to Konan.


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