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Don't you feel the controls where a little slow?

When you pull the moves off I just feel that I needed to hold the buttons down for that millisecond extra.

But on the whole good game just need to get some free time to practice and kick some ass
They can feel a little slow but practice will make you feel right at home Wolvie.

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Are you guys using the default controller (D-pad) or using the sticks? I ask because I have always been very disappointed at the D-pad use for 2D fighting games (vs arcade-style sticks) and hesitate getting SFIV...I played some other SF games on xbox and they kinda blew. Let me know what you think about your controls.
I use the control stick for combos instead of the d-pad. Other than the controls being a lil slow the controls are still good. Though I still can't pull off super moves and ultra combos to save my life (lierally) I find that EX moves and regular specials are super easy to execute. I was going to buy the arcade stick but $70 isn't really worth it when the controls at least work with a controller.

On a side note, I finally unlocked Sakura! ^_^

Got my character back, now I just need to get good again. XD