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    Street Fighter IV

    Ok it came out a few days ago and there wasn't a thread for it so I made one.

    Just bought it today and I must say that so far I am thoroughly impressed. The graphics are great, the fighting's top notch and for the most part everything seems to be balanced. On top of that the online is simply superb. I've played about 50 matches so far and haven't had a laggy one yet.

    The only qualms I have are that all the characters aren't unlocked from the get-go (I wanted Sakura! T_T) and the computer is ridiculously difficult. Though everyone already seems to acknowledge the latter as a flaw since you need to play arcade mode to unlock the extra characters.

    So for those who have it, are you enjoying it? Are you good? Who do you use? (I use Cammy.)

    For those who don't, does it look like a game you'd purchase?

    At least from my perspective, it was worth every penny.

    Edit: I'm gonna just go ahead and edit in a list of unlockables. I can't play right now but for those who can here ya go. ^_^ Will add more as I get free time.

    Unlockable Character List


    Challenge Unlockables


    Note: If anyone knows what you get for Time Attack (Hard) 2-5 please PM me so I can post them.
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