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    Their was a time when Naruto was good I would even say great, but to me if all started to go downhill after the Chuhin exam. Now I only read it out of habit, it just got too boring , plus the 10+ chapters To finish a fight is a little to excessive and gets boring, For example the Pein Vs Jiraya fight was too long of a fight, too many chapters were wasted on it that could have been used to move the story forward. Also another thing that started to annoy me was when he just started to kill off Characters for a dramatic effect... Now the only death I give him credit for Dramatic effect would be the Thirds Death....

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    Action mostly. Also want to see how the story ends. Would be a damn waste to stop reading after I've read this many chapters and besides if it werent for Naruto I wouldnt have read other great manga's.

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    Now I see, for most of you it seems as Naruto became a habit and less fun but for me its still the same or even better then on the start. Plot is really great and each chapter is individualy interesting. How much chapters its been ? Almost 500 chaps and still its very good !!! In my opinion it will get even better. Characters are developing rapidly and theyre skills are multiplying and improving, all in a comprehensive matter(I do believe that).
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    I read Naruto because I fell in love with Itachi hahaha... Well... it's not really like that but when Itachi appeared at the first time in Naruto I thought he will be my reason to continue reading this manga. Of course when he died, I feel so discouraged but still reading because I want to know what will happen to the damn brat Sasuke, he's so dead, I hate him enough to tear him limb from limb!!!
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    Why i read naruto is simply because of the characters. I feel sorry for most of them :(

    Kakashi and Obito! Oh my good i'd have tears in my eyes

    Naruto alone! A helpless child trieing to protect everyone and reach his goal.

    Sasuke! His brother finished off his own clan and he was always alone.

    Yes, also Oro! He began acting evil after his parents died. Right Freakyshow ? lol

    I could go on but yeah.....

    It's just entertaining

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    I read naruto cuz I started it... If it would end next week I wouldnt care lol.

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    I read it because I was told to.

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    I read naruto for the ninja style world and the jutsu and stuff like that and also the storyline is pretty cool

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    Once again people, there is a subject. We are not comparing Naruto to other mangas. We want to know why you read it. Next person to post comments about another manga should consider their post spam and all the implications that come with it.
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    i liked what damnz said and i agree. it was because of the village of scenery of konoha that i got into naruto

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