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    Post I refuse to die! (fanfic)


    I will be making a fanfic storie called "I refuse to die!"...

    It will be a based on a highschool boy by the age of 17, he has a disease which makes his body weaker and weaker as the time passes... his fate is already decided, he will die in 8 months from when the story starts... there's nothing the doctors can do to resque him from his suffer...
    He already got the option to kill himself in a legimet way, because of his suffer...
    But, he declined, he refuses to let fate decide his death..

    In person he is a very gentle guy, but his weak body causes him not being accepted by most people...

    He himself is a very brilliant guy, he always gets the best grades of school, and because of that is being bullied by a group of guys on school.

    What people don't know is "how intelligent he is", he is obsessed with a myth (i created my own myth.. just to let you know), of a demon race that once habited Japan...
    There is nothing but stories known about these myths...

    When he was a child he found a scroll regarding these legends, now he is trying to solve the myth and manipulate his body with the remains of the demon race, inorder to survive by his desease and to get a stronger body...
    (nobody knows that he posseses this scroll)

    There also is a second main character, it's a beautyful girl who was raised by the japanese army since she was found during a mission, she has recieved a gift, which is her own freedom to live in human society.

    She is being attended to his school and will play a big part in the plot.

    (ps. i'd like to draw examples, but i dont have a tablet, i do have a scanner, so i might sometimes add images i drew for the storyline).

    Please tell me what you think of the summary regarding the storyline so far.

    Tips, ideas, suggestions, anything is accepted, but please don't post useless replies.
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