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    Anime reviews/favourites

    I Know we all have seen anime. but no one has seen it all. Some of us are still searching for good ones and do not know what to choose so...

    here are all of my fav's that i can remember at this time, gonna toss in a couple stand alone movies i thought were good too.

    I will put reviews up for them as i go along there is a lot and forgive me if i leave out any anime you guys love.

    My goal is not to flame any anime(except inuyasha), but simply to make a list for you guys to go by, and if you want my opinion on the anime its there. This is an old list i made about 2 months ago for some friends on my counter strike forums, i will update it as quickly as i can =D.

    Naruto we all know these 2

    Bleach =D

    D Gray man Exorcists to destroy the pitiful akuma. the anime and manga both start out so so slow booring in fact but after about 20 episodes it really picks up and all the character building from the start helps 8/10

    outlaw star(although i like both outlaw start and cowboy behbop, i like outlaw start more)

    cowboy behbop good most people have seen it tho i really need not say anything.

    Solty rei Anime about a girl found by a old man who has lost his will, but regains it through adopting her, any more and i will ruin the story.

    SlayersI think this anime is made mainly to be funny you can take is seriously but i did not and i liked it alot.

    BastardHilarious from start to finish not your average wizard anime at all.

    Berserk Absolutly loved this anime

    Dead space downfall(movie) I liked this movie quite a good horror anime.

    Strait Jacket (movie) interesting powers and i liked the plot devices.

    Scrapped Princess Very funny anime about a thrown away princess destined to destroy the world or so they say, i wont say anymore.

    Rune soldier (I thought rune soldier was hilarious the main character is a mage who is more of a fighter class with brute strength who gets tied in to help a traveling troupe of girl adventurers who have no other plans except to loot old ruins. whilst the girls do there thing they soon find out things they did not want to and lets just say "Against my will" is uttered many times as well as some stupid funny and funny funny ploys and roosts. i rate this one a 10 in my book but i am an otaku /cry)

    Read or Die always abbreviated to R.O.D.( there is a movie and a series) An anime about a girl/girls depending on which you watch that can control paper and are horrible bookworms to boot XD.

    Blue gender was decent but at the bottom of my list. Its an anime about bugs that have taken over the world with a supposed subtext that the earth made them to kill us like antibodies in a person kill germs.

    appleseed and Vexille( both movies vexille is the sequel.

    the original gundam series was pretty good i got to admit( on that note theres about 12 different series.) gundam 00 is also good.

    Soul eater is a recent one that came out i like it as well. Based on 2 people attaining a soul resonance between one another, 1 is a weapon the other is a person trained in the arts of useing said weapon. they fight witch's zombies and all manor of baddies and are led by none other then the Death himself.

    Fairy tail is a manga that i really like no anime =( but it is good.

    Sword of The Stranger is really good if you like samurai action, the story and plot will speak for itself when you watch it. Defiantly recommended.

    alexander senki (weird anime about Greece and a really strong warrior i kinda liked it)

    Gantz(most people are too squeamish to watch this anime but i loved it the plot is rich there are boobies and the hero is actually 2 people which works out very well. Personally though the anime series ends at a very bad spot it may be required for you to read the manga to understand why it ended so badly.)

    Chobits (lol it was a good series made me want my own persocom. basically the serious is about a girl named chi! cute cute)

    Planetes ( an anime about a guy obsessed with obtaining his own space ship. however futuristic this may sound it is done much in the same way as out
    astronauts go to space now except about 30 years from now so only slight advances.)

    Texhnolyze( the series starts off slow then picks up steam and plot i kinda liked it the ending i did not like but it fit the story.)

    Trinity blood was decent anime about Vapires humans and Crusanik(a vampire eater)

    Yakitate Japan ( being silly on this one it is an anime about a guy who wants to make a bread but not just any bread he wants to make a Japan, meaning something that when seen would be recogonized as coming from japan. I.e. French bread when seen is always noted to come from france. This being said i gave this anime a shot and it was actually quite funny.

    Tsubasa decent anime but too long in my opinion.

    eureka 7 was actually pretty good.

    Death note (for the intellectual i would say that anime had your mind doing backflips trying to figure out what he was going to do next.)

    Blood+ ( i liked the whole sister rivalry thing in this one)

    Scryed kinda reminded me of dragon ball with cooler weapons and a plot. i like it tho but its a long series to prepare for a ride if you watch it.

    Historys strongest disciple kenichi ( badass anime about 5 master martial art sensie's, who all mastered a different form teaching one very abused and beat up kid called kenichi. the thing i found cool about this anime is there are actually real references to real combat moves i learned the one inch punch from this anime and have since used it effiectivly 7 times lol.

    Yuikikaze decent anime

    Samurai Champloo ( i rather liked it had a good plot. )

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (very interesting anime starts out as normal school type scenario then.... Danger Danger =p, Join the club! I def recommend this anime however one word of advised watch the first episode last, no i can not tell you why you need to do this but trust me it will make it fit in properly in the series since you have no idea what you are looking at(they dont explain) and the first episode is fun to watch after you have seen the series.)

    Moonlight mile Anime about 2 men who are always friends to beat insurmountable odds like climbing mount everest. one day they realized they went as far as they could and decided to climb to the moon. set in modern day type enviroment.

    Full metal panic mechs love school girls need i say more?

    gunslinger girllol this anime is about little chibi girls who died in some fashion and are brought back as warriors so to speak and each has a handler. interesting anime to say the least.

    Samurai 7( samurai 7 tells the story of the 7 rouge samura who gather to defend a village. this same story was told 2 other ways once in the magnificent 7 cowboy movie and the real samura 7 movie which is very old and based off the original book. this story never gets old i would recommend this anime to anyone. )

    Elfen Lied( is good but not for the faint of heart if you want to watch this i would suggest watching gantz first it will break you in to the violence scenes.)

    Black Cat ( good anime all around about a boy with an orichalcum gun fighting for what is right as a sweeper. its a bit sad at the start =( but i liked the anime.)

    Welcome to the NHK (this is an anime about a struggling writer who develops a disease known in japan. basically its a disease where you never leave your house.)

    Claymore ( it was awesome at the time but now that i look back it seemed so long.)

    Golden boy ( this is marked as a hentai but barely even has a boobie scene, it is a very well made anime i would rec to anyone)

    Groove adventure rave or rave master ( i liked this anime i thought it had a good plot.)

    Heroic Age
    (space type anime about a guy named "age" who can transform into a monster pretty cool one)

    Mushi-shi (anime about these creatures that exist that we can not see this guy travels finding them in various places and solving puzzles so to speak not 1 episode is ever tied to the next so its like a string of single events. good anime all in all.

    Samurai X and Ruroni kenshin both good anime's samurai X is the story of how he got the X scar on his face.

    Tengen_Toppa_Gurren_Lagann ( such a long name =p it lives up to it. fantasy story about a boy who has a sprial power and finds out he can fuse with mechs.)

    Zero no tsukaima ( absolutely hilarious anime about a girl who trys to summon a familiar basically a beast that stays at your side forever as a magician. except she summons a boy lulz the laughs don't some coming).

    Inuyasha sucked ballz i just had to say that. i fell asleep watching many of the episodes it borrows from too many anime series being a person that has seen most of the anime out there i did not like it much. on top of that they purposefully tried to make it longer then it should have been by dragging it out at every chance.

    Vampire Princess Miyu TV
    (weird vampire series i liked it but i would not watch it again.)

    kekkaishi (anime about some priests who have the power to make a barrier in the form of there choosing (usually a square) and use this to kill demons and other types of baddies by trapping them inside the barrier then squishing them to death. )

    Star ocean (decent anime based off the game or the game based off it i cant remember. however if your not familiar with the game its about a boy who gets sent accidentally to another world with his fathers gun, in the medieval type ages. the gun becomes his main weapon, much chaos ensues i will not ruin it for you.)

    Get backers (the drawing on this one could have been better but the story plot is to die for and theres alot of jokes in this anime i thought were really funny. the main characters are a boy called the lightning king and a guy who appearntly has a cursed ability to which he can make you see anything he wants for just 1 min. the story keeps building up and up and you find out both of them are amazingly strong.)

    inoccent venus ( it was good when i watched it but it did not leave a lasting impression i can barely remember the main characters now. i think the story plot was just too similar to other animes i have watched.)

    Trigun Love And PEACE!! =D

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    Ergo Proxy: sort of a thriller/mystery/action/romance; I thought it was creepy at first but after the first ep. i got into it and had to see the next ep. its awsome it is really a must see. my avatar is Ergo Proxy btw. the main character has an inner demon thing in him sort of like naruto and Ichigo from bleach.
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    i will check it out i think i have it downloaded just havent watch it yet.

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    You really have too many favorites.

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    I can understand Mushishi being on there, It's one of my favorites too ;3
    Excellent anime with a very calm atmosphere and outstanding music.

    I'll cut down my favorites to 5.

    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
    - Hillarious dark comedy, just about as stylish as it gets in anime art wise, big cast of eccentric lovable characters.

    Aria - One word to describe this anime, Relaxing. It really is just calm and serene, Beautifull background art and lovely kind hearted characters.

    Mushishi - Again this anime is really relaxing, All the short stories in this are very unique and often quite touching.

    Kara no Kyoukai
    - A master piece, absolutely stunning animation, great voice acting and very dark at times.

    Nodame Cantabile - Brilliant comedy romance, nice adult feel (not in a violence sort of way, but in humour and characters). Some excellent classical music in it too.

    ....gunna add a 6th.

    This anime is airing now, subbed by gg, go download it now :|

    Maria + Holic
    - Sexy, stylish, sexy, hillarious, dark.... and sexy. very much like Zetsubou.

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    So we just post our Top 5 favorite anime? Ok....

    1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - In my opinion this is the best anime of all time. Imagine taking the zaniness of FLCL and the seriousness and action of Evangelion and slamming them together. This will give you TTGL. From it's stylish animation to it's memorable characters and storyline this is one show that you cannot miss.

    2. Clannad and Clannad After Story - Before watching this anime I didn't think anything could bring a man such as myself close to tears. Clannad has done this. But it's not just that. The characters are likable and all have problems that other people can relate to. On top of that the transition it can pull off from tragedy to hilarity simply astounds me, mainly due to the fact that it is pulled off so well.KyoAni really did a great job on this and depending on how After Story turns out, it may even tie with TTGL.

    3. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - I never heard of SHAFT until watching this anime. I would like to extend my thanks to both Sangaz and Kushieda for recommending it to me. It's dark humor just can't be beat. It's a show you have to watch twice in order to catch all the humor that's packed into it.

    4. Maria+Holic - A girl enters an all girls school to find her destined lesbian soulmate only to fall in love with a cross dressing guy. Need I say more? Another SHAFT masterpiece that can just make you laugh out loud from what happens in it. It also has Matsurika who is the best maid to ever exist ever.

    5. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - Now this is the first Gundam series I've actually followed seriously and I must say it does not disappoint. While some may call it a rip-off what with 00 pretending to be both Burning Gundam and Wing Zero and the A-LAWS doing what the Titans did I find the storyline just engrossing. The animation is awesome, especially when you consider the mech designs. With amazing action scenes the only thing that prevents it from reaching true greatness is certain annoying characters. I'm looking at you Marina!

    Props to Ravona for the awesome sig! Noel is the greatest and I challenge you to prove me otherwise!

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    Draciel's more hardcore than you, I bet he's out killing people now, while cosplaying nude Kyon.
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    Just watch the good stuff like: (in no particular order)

    top picks:
    1. All 3 Zetsubou seasons
    2. All 7 Kara no Kyoukai (only 5 out right now)
    3. Maria Holic
    4. Mushishi
    5. anything by Makoto Shinkai
    6. anything by Studio Ghibli
    7. both seasons of Clannad
    8. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
    9. Itazura na Kiss
    10. both season of Nodame Cantable
    11. Samurai Champloo
    12. Both season of Shakugan no Shana (and the third if it ever comes out... also buy the 2 light novels VIZ TLed so they hopefully start releasing more, book 1, book 2)
    13. Shigofumi
    14. Haibane Renmei
    15. Kamichu

    Eve no Jikan
    School Rumble
    Chrono Crusade
    School Rumble
    Natsume Yuujinchou
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Eureka 7
    Outlaw Star
    Cowboy Bebop
    Spice and Wolf
    True Tears
    Bamboo Blade
    Kino's Journey
    Xam'd: Lost Memories
    Shikabane Hime

    you may think this list is long, but I've seen/currently watching over 200 series. so this is trimmed down quite a bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mass Zero View Post
    You really have too many favorites.
    i am an otaku i cant choose =o

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    Quote Originally Posted by ydoc View Post
    i am an otaku i cant choose =o
    Just raise your standards and it'll work out. ^_^

    Props to Ravona for the awesome sig! Noel is the greatest and I challenge you to prove me otherwise!

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    Draciel's more hardcore than you, I bet he's out killing people now, while cosplaying nude Kyon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arisato-kun View Post
    Just raise your standards and it'll work out. ^_^
    hehe you have no idea how many anime i have actually seen would make this list seem like small frys i did narrow it down quite a bit actually =o

    also i said favs/reviews they are not all fav's some are just up there as a review.
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