We'll i've seen a lot of people in the forums asking other members for recommendations on anime/manga. So I thought, why not start a review fan club for all anime/manga.

So here's the deal.

What we do:

1. Read Manga or Watch Anime.
2. Rate It (ONLY if read/seen full series up to latest chapter)
3. Give a short commentary (1 to 3 sentences) on our opinion of it NO SPOILERS.
4. We'll also try to maintain a "Top List" of the highest rated manga/anime by our group.

To Join:

1. Post here requesting to join.
2. You are allowed to be biased, however if you have any bias you must state so in your commentary.
3. Be Honest. this also applies if you are giving a biased opinion, other people want to get your honest opinion, not what you think they wanna hear.
4. There's no limit to the number of manga/anime you can review. However not everyone will get their review posted only the first 5 reviewers for that particular anime/manga.

Rating Scale 0 - 10
10 - Flawless! lacks nearly nothing. As close to perfect as it can get.
9 - Excellent! 1 or 2 minor flaws.
8 - Superb! numerous minor flaws nothing big.
7 - Remarkable! couple flaws, big and small.
6 - Notable! number of noticeable flaws but still above average.
5 - Coin Toss! enough flaws to keep away from, but also good content.
4 - Acquired Taste! not good by most standards, several flaws.
3 - Bad! riddled with flaws, not worth the time.
2 - Horrible! is there anything good here? maybe 1 or 2 good things.
1 - Garbage! we shall not speak of it ever again.
0 - Lower Than Trash! not even worth recycling