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    Another reason to come back

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
    Great News! The more the merrier. Lets get this thing rammed full of Manga

    p.s. Also if anyone has or knows where I can download of xxxHolic chapters 73 to 145, I will be very much obliged. (Not online reading but download the chapters, thxs)
    Can't you just use mangatraders?


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    i interested with this job
    my college schedule:
    Mon - available after 6pm until midnight
    Tue - available after 5pm until midnight
    Wed - available after 4pm until midnight
    Thu - available after 10am until midnight
    Fri - available after 3pm until midnight
    Sat and Sun available all along day if i don't have private activition

    i live in Bandung, Indonesia. So u must look for asian +7GMT for my schedule above (just minus by 7)
    i used to use FileZilla for some basic ftp

    hope i can help u guys

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    I can do it, actualy, I live in Quebec, so I can update pretty early (8am) wich would be 5am for vancouver.... My english is ok, since i'm french, but don't wory, i'll be a good uploader.

    Call me Uploadmaster


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    Hi, if you still need someone for it, you can count on me, i know about ftp/ssh/sftp, i have alot of time on my pc normally.

    GL <3

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    oh! and by the way, I Really want to help you!

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    i will help you, i always free in the night start at 21.00 (GMT+7).

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    Thanks for the applications - it is so nice to see people interested in helping

    Keep em coming!
    "I'm working on it - GAARRR"

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    Hello, I'm ready to help.
    I'm a freelancer worker, doing job at home. So I've time to help MS.

    I know basic ftp, familiar using various ftp software like filezilla, wsftp, turboftp, etc because lot of my work related with web. I'm really happy to help MS


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    i would gladly help you know....

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    reporting for duty, sir!

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