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    hi i would like to apply..
    i'm free during weekends and on weekdays, i'm free in the afternoon..
    i have FileZilla on my PC and i used it while i worked for Sugooi scans.

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    Will love to help out but seeing by the amount of reply u guys might already have enough but if u are still looking. I have way too much time on my hands and could use some sense of responsibility that keeps me busy in certain times. let see: mon, wed am free after 2, tue and thur after 3, fridays no classes so am basically doing nothing but playing cod all day since i like to get my work done during the week. Weekend = more COD, And yes i do know the basics of ftp and bit more, i am a IT student afterall.
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    me too im available exept saturday and sunday what's the requirements

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    i am free whole weekend and also from 3pm on weekdays it is EASTERN US TIME and also i know basics ftp like uploading aand deleating

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    I would love to help.
    just tell me what to do,.
    i know the basics of ftp and m free from 7 pm to - 12 pm IST
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    I'd like to help too, I'm free in weekend, and since now is holiday, i have much more free time :]

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    I am free too, only thing with me is I can I only have ecchi/harem/romance ANIME

    I have like 500 episodes all mp4 files so you can put them on your ipod touch directly after downloading cuz they already have the best ipod touch settings

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    Florida, USA

    I can help.

    I can help Im free on weekdays it is EASTERN US TIME 5 to 11 pm.

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    i can do it on weekends and sometimes on weekdays

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