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    King Of Hell ~ Ra In-Soo & Jae-Hwan Kim

    I've been reading some King of Hell since a few months back and it seems like a pretty cool manga. This isn't very popular but its bye two korean artists Ra In Soo and Kim Jae Hwan. I wonder if anyone's read it? I have the first 16 volumes and the storyline so far is pretty interesting ^^

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    King of Hell

    This manga is just pure fun!!!! If anyone reads it let me know. I'd love to hear what you think................

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    Where can i download this dude?

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    I've seen it up for download on sugoi scans website, thinking of starting to read it. What's it like?

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    It is pretty good for a martial arts manhwa. I got the first 15 volumes of it and though slow paces it has really pretty art and awesome action. When I say slow paced I don't mean the story but rather the amount of story in each volume. Because of all the beutiful art it isn't very "text heavy"

    MangaTraders used to have it but TokyoPop C&Ded most of the big viewer/DL sites and its releases have been solid on the US so I expect it to be hard to find.

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    So it's a martial arts manga?

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    Ive been readin it from time to time when I can find it in bookstores but I really like it, I want to finish it up too but need to find where to dl it, ill check sugoi's QoM thanks for the tip
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    tokyopop has been putting this out since 2003, i currently read vol. 20 and was really dissapointed, they cut story off right when it was getting interesting with majeh with an "omake" chapter. now it'll be 6 months until vol. 21.

    the manga is good, but right now they're bullsh**ng to me.

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