Does anyone find it a bit strange, that the Kyuubi attacked, around the time Naruto was born?

Under the assumtion and belief in Jaraiya's word that Madara did infact summon the Kyuubi, was that summon, intended really to kill Naruto? This coincidence seems really hard to digest, given that Minato had an entire plan set up for Naruto, and his future.

That would mean Naruto's role as jinchuriki goes beyond just his containment for the Kyuubi, and "that jutsu". Is that jutsu, a way for Naruto to protect himself against Madara, Minato likely saw this and sacrificed his life to protect Naruto in the future.

I believe, Naruto has a hidden importance to the world, that goes beyond his own disposition. If it was true that Madara was not attacking Konoha, but Naruto specifically, what potential was seen in that child, that Madara had to summon a beast, to attempt to kill him?

Discuss your thoughts and understand the context of which this thread is under.