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  • Keep up with both the manga and anime weekly

    138 75.82%
  • Only watch the anime, no spoilers!

    2 1.10%
  • Mainly watch the anime but I know how the story progresses (wikipedia, other naruto sites)

    3 1.65%
  • Only watch select episodes of the anime (the good fights)

    39 21.43%
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    Master is My First Name Arisato-kun's Avatar
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    Hmm...there's no option for only the manga....

    I gave up on the anime once I realized that the filler was complete fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arisato-kun View Post
    I gave up on the anime once I realized that the filler was complete fail.

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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    I was watching the anime because I had some time and didn't care much for it (because it sucked anyway). I have watched until the end of 4-tailed Naruto and Orochimaru arc (includes the Sasuke shit... blah blah).

    Then I woke up in reality, damn... I'm better of doing something else other than watch this. I've been reading the manga anyway.


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    First anime, later manga.

    Asce posts in Naruto section?
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    Well I started the 1st series anime only but after I caught up to the japanese episodes which where just begining in Shippuden I had to know more so I started the Manga.

    I do both but as far as Shippuden goes the manga always leaves you wanting to know what happens next.

    However the major fights are usally more intersting in anime form seeing them play out in all thier glory. Plus they always add extra scenes that add more detail the manga didnt have room for.

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    Sshheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thsv's Avatar
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    Watched everything up to 215 thereabouts then picked up the manga during the Sakura/Chiyo vs Sasori fight. Tend not to be in a hurry to watch the anime although I try to download it asap. I can leave it a couple of weeks after downloading before I watch it sometimes
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    I used to watch the anime all the time until the animation and drawing started suffering. Shippuuden is murdering the anime, I rather watch the Naruto anime. Shippuuden is nothing more the still images moving their mouths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arisato-kun View Post
    Hmm...there's no option for only the manga....

    I gave up on the anime once I realized that the filler was complete fail.
    Same here. Although, I haven't read the last 30 chapters of the manga, so hanging around here sometimes spoils it. I don't read the posts, but it's hard not to notice a thread title like "*** is dead" when checking out the new posts.

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    I'm pretty much manga only at the point. Ever since the fillers started here in the states I haven't watched the anime. If a channel in the states actually picks up Shippuden I'll watch it.

    So manga only for me at the moment.

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