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  • Keep up with both the manga and anime weekly

    138 75.82%
  • Only watch the anime, no spoilers!

    2 1.10%
  • Mainly watch the anime but I know how the story progresses (wikipedia, other naruto sites)

    3 1.65%
  • Only watch select episodes of the anime (the good fights)

    39 21.43%
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    Who reads the manga?

    I was wondering, how many of you actually don't read the Naruto manga and only watch the Anime? IE, how many of you are actually spoiled when you read the manga threads?


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    At first I only watched the anime, but soon picked up on the manga.

    Those who don't read the manga are really missing out!

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    I sometimes watch the anime. I wanna see the fights animated. Lately though, the fights havent been too impressive to me in terms of capturing the drama of the manga. but the animation is high quality.

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    i watch it for the fights because they elaborate more and go into more detail.
    but i still watch the fillers ect. and still keep up with the manga. the anime just leaves ou with a sense of wanting more!. lol
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    I get my weekly manga and anime fix each week for naruto. I enjoy the manga, and the anime helps fill in blanks. Shoot me but the fillers make more sense in this series than old naruto. Atleast this time we dont get 3+ seasons of filler in a row...

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    i follow both n i am quite ashamed to say that i think i have watched all the fillers of naruto

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    definitely gotta get the manga fix every week. The anime i watch on and off when i'm interested, I like to download up to 8-10 episodes of the anime at a time and then watch for 2 hours str8. hopefully things in the anime will get better soon as the 3 tails comes closer.
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    I went from reading the manga, to both that and the anime, then back to just manga. But to comment on the question at hand, I don't think anyone here is strictly anime-only for several reasons. It is much simpler and quicker to download pictures rather than a media file. The manga is also much farther in development than that the anime, and since people know this, they would always read the manga. I mean who would restrict themselves from the story when they know its out there? Not many people would I think.

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    tenten>uchiha Niceeee's Avatar
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    love both of them plus the animated fights , but if u give me a "ultimatum" to choose between one of them , i would pick the manga i think.

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    Wow, its rare for asce to start a thread^^
    And I only watch the awesome fight on the anime, there's something special about the manga..xD

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