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    sorry lol here il put it in again....

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    Mine are both thriller arcs. First is when oz takes down the crew and they all get back up. Second is close to alot of other peoples where zoro takes luffys damage, but its what he says that gets me. And only top of second picture, sanji getting up and acting like a douche kind of ruins it.

    One Piece 485 page 11 | One Manga
    One Piece 485 page 12 | One Manga
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I agree with most of the above mentioned. But this scene was amazing too.
    One Piece 486 page 18 | One Manga

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    i skimmed through the pics above and i agree!

    top moments: (either getting goosebumps are crying)
    zoro saying he'll never lose again
    robin crying saying she wanted to live (arlong) and when luffy beat down the wall and asks who's arlong
    zoro taking luffy's pain and saying nothing happened
    luffy giving nami his hat
    luffy/usopp situation w/ merry (i nearly cried again just seeing that! omg... it was soo good)
    merry burning (v. sad)
    i don't think anyone posted a pic but when the crew had their backs to vivi and held their arms up showing the 'nakama sign'

    this was sooo amazing! i still remember having to wait 2 weeks to find out what it was, since they had golden week and all that!

    not as epic, but still amazing:

    (i love group images like this - and the one below)

    (i found this so funny)

    luffy ringing the bell in sky piea (ch299) i would like to post the whole chapter, but tht's too troublesome

    there are so many OMG OP moments, oda is simply amazing. =D

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    chap 485 is really awesome

    ... and Zoro 's ambition
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyD.Luffy View Post
    chap 485 is really awesome

    ... and Zoro 's ambition
    the manliest moments in shounen history =D

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    One Piece

    I find these images powerful...


    this one was romantically beautiful alone...


    but when paired with this one it became a moment I loved best.


    I find these moments the most powerful because they're the ones that really got me into the show.

    I knew Usopp had great potential to be one of the most strong hearted of men when I saw how even he couldn't bear to tell the lie he was preparing.


    and then when he fought his own fears in one outburst


    and then he realizes that his limits exceed even what he's willing to believe.


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