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My main issue is that the one seal Zabuza used to execute his technique is common among a lot of ninjas. Gaara used that same seal during the chuunin exam before his fight with Lee. Lee used that same seal before he executes his Primary Lotus. Its the same seal Sarutobi used to set off his paper bombs when he planted them on the 1st and 2nd. Its also the same seal Deidara uses to set off his bombs. There's probably more to add too.

This is the reason why I doubt Zabuza is really capable of 1-handed handseals. He didn't do anything that warranted any shock. That one seal is generic in the Ninja world. Then we come to Haku who rattles of a set of 1-handed seals to which Kakashi replies he's never seen before. If Zabuza is doing 1-handed seals based off that one seal, then there's a number of ppl capable of doing the same.
Agreed. a single one hand seal to initiate a jutsu is common, especially if the preparations of that jutsu are already done. But only haku could use multiple one hand seals to do a complex series of jutsus. That's what surprised kakashi. We don't know if it was due to his bloodline which made it easier for him or he trained for it, and we'll never know. Let's move on.