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    Well i think they skip the seal moment just to save us some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorofasgard13 View Post
    We know that Haku could use one handed hand seals, do you think Kakashi or maybe even Sasuke can now as well, as Kakashi saw it with the sharingan?
    For that matter, do you think we will ever see it used again?

    I do believe we will see the One Hand Seal Jutsus again but I don't believe Sharingan copies Hand Seal it allows the user to memorize the Hands Seal it saw and help the user mold Chakra to duplicate the jutsu.

    In Haku case it was his Bloodline that allow him to use that Jutsu using One Hand was his way to device a convinate way to execute the jutsu. Hence, no-one except his bloodline can use that jutsu.

    In the case someone else development a One Hand Jutsu, Yes someone else can development a different jutsu that uses One Hand. Probably Orochimaru has achieve such things who knows................


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    Like I'm telling
    Now, lets say someone learned how to do one hand seals and they were pretty powerful, do you think it would be possible to do two jutsu at the same time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by demonfox View Post
    Now, lets say someone learned how to do one hand seals and they were pretty powerful, do you think it would be possible to do two jutsu at the same time?
    YES PLEASE! see, kishi missed the golden opportunity for this during the edo battles just prior to madara vs kages. From the time of the kages summit to then we have seen extraordinary unique abilities shinobi of previous generations possessed. Bloodline expansion was the big one IMO, as it molds three elements! The third raikage's iron body was the most powerful natural defense not being the product of a jutsu but it's place in the story and all around cheapness made it seem like a half assed idea amd that tanking a rasenshuriken was poorly thought demonstration for effect few readers approved of. With all the other clever tricks of the previous mizukage and kazekage, one handed seals used in such a way to "dual wield" jutsus would have been, IMO, just as awesome, if not more, than bloodline expansion. Imagine if each hand was using different elementally recomposed chakra! You then have quick combo techniques under the control of just one shinobi! Man, i wonder if it's too late now to bring in more "awe" and "wow" abilities with the focus now shifting to, and the story now depending upon, powers of the ultimate level (juubi, Yin and Yang, forbidden sharingan tech and whatever else madara knows + whatever will be revealed in orochimaru and sasuke's meeting the progenitor) .

    Such a great idea that we will sadly not get to see. Jokey boy was a bit silly and frustrating in its depiction and the recycled akatsuki powers were not needed to illustrate the growth of the characters that previously struggled against them.

    A dual wielding ninja would need to be insanely fast and have huge amounts of stamina and vitality for a large enough chakra pool.

    Makes me wonder why we didn't see shinobi with extra arms attached to mold two jutsus at once. Surely orochimaru looked into this when he was experiments were in full swing and his Guinea pig stock was full.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demonfox View Post
    Now, lets say someone learned how to do one hand seals and they were pretty powerful, do you think it would be possible to do two jutsu at the same time?
    One handed seals jutsu, are kekkei genkai jutsu, that in the first place, rarely need any seals (half if not more of kekkei genkais don't need hand seals, Haku as a little kid/baby was able to use it without seals). This means that the only reason Haku used them, is to better mold his kekkei genkai into an usable shape. Since he was still young, in time he would probably be able to do them without seals (there are even non-kekkei genkai jutsu that are done without seals after all, like Rasengan). Since they are kekkei genkai depended, they can't be learned.

    In the end, you should think about the one handed seals as a part in Haku's kekkei genkai. At least you won't have hopes for other people having one handed seals jutsu beside Haku, since he was the last of his clan.

    @Knife, technically Edodara did his meteor jutsu, through the different hand seals that he and his Susanoo were doing at the same time. Although, we don't know if it was only meant to reduce the time of casting the jutsu (for example by dispersing the amount of hand seals needed for one jutsu to more than one pair of hands), or if making different hand seals at the same time was needed to cast the jutsu in the first place. Still, it probably needs superb control and concentration, or even an outer body chakra circulation (since the hand seals are only to help mold chakra of certain types and elements within the users body), like Susanoo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knowpein View Post
    Well every element has its unique seal
    that every ninja knows

    example tiger seal for fire

    to devlop one handed seals the jutsu must be unique(like haku's)

    if not then user uses seals that are already there .

    the one handed seals are unique and devloped by an individual(at least till now)
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    not a aware of man handed seals apart from releasing genjutsu. The Kai sign.

    But on other types, we did get jiraiya do ninja techs without hand seals, he used his legs and hair.

    He's actually the one who has done this.
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    I don't think it will happen. Sasuke and Tobi of late, haven't used seals so much. Madara barely used as well. Hence, it gives me the impression that the concept of handseals are becoming less important. By extension, I can also see a future Naruto pulling off techniques in a similar way. Possibly even one hand FRS.

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