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    When Luffy and the crew see a Zombie for the first time rising from his grave, Luffy tries to push him back underground.

    I laughed so hard.

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    In ur forums, laughin' at ur Uchiha's.
    I agree, 1punch towards bellamy's face was PRICELESS ^^

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    1) When Ussop says "I'm already negative!" and Perona's face was priceless!
    2) I loved that scene when Luffy stops Nami from stabbing herself and he doesn't leave no matter what she says! A true Nakama!
    3) When Bonclay shows everyone Nami's body! That was hilarous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dharts View Post
    I agree, 1punch towards bellamy's face was PRICELESS ^^

    That was one of my top 3.

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    One of my favorites is when Zoro fought Mihawk at Baratie. When Mihawk is about to deal the final blow Zoro turns around with his arms spread, Mihawk looks confused and Zoro says "Wounds on the back are a swordsman's shame." to which Mihawk simply replies "Magnificent". Every time I read those two lines I get shivers down my spine. It shows Mihawk's acceptance of Zoro and his belief in Zoro to one day surpass him as the greatest swordsman in the world. Awesome.

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    -Logue town, Luffy Execution vol 11

    -Enies Lobbies, when Robin said "I want to live" vol 42

    -Skypiea, when Luffy destroyed Raigoh vol 32

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    Quote Originally Posted by martia View Post
    but the part which i felt was most kick-ass was part where luffy, franky, zoro, robin and sanji went rampaging on the zombies, going" 600 000 000 beri jackpot!!"
    Agreed, that was first class

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    one of the best moments that allways just makes me think luffy is so awsome is when right before they traveled to skypia and Bellamy is trying to show off in front of luffy and luffy says " earlier, you asked me if i could box." cracks his knuckles and with one punch destroys Bellamy's skull. watching that always makes me happpy to be a one piece fan

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    Whenever Nami's eyes change into Bellies sign.

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    When every1 was yelling to Robin that they'd save her at Enies Lobby! and when Ussop disappeared and came back as Sogeking, but then luffy and chopper didn't even realize it was him!! so funny!! and when luffy tried pushing the zombie back into the ground lmao! T^T and in the anime when they burned sad!! cried during it..

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