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    Quote Originally Posted by noodleplugerine View Post
    Any moment where Luffy goes mad eyes under the shadow of his straw hat and proceeds to kick absolute ass.
    Yeah, like the moment before he took on the Franky Family. You just knew they were gonna seriously get a gomu gomu no beatdown.
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    One of my favorite moments in One Piece is when all of the Strawhats are standing across from the Tower of Justice and Robin screams "I want to live!"

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    1. is the scene where usop and chopper are fighting mr4 and missis 4, at the time where usop took the 10t hammer and owned mr4. At this moment I spit my morning cola at the computer. I thought: wtf?? and a little bit later I spit again because I was tricked with such cheap lies of usop.
    2.Where the strawhats are on the justice tower (like 1000sunny)

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    1. The Going Merry send flying to the sky through the knock up stream...

    2. Gomu gomu no axe land down on the back of arlong before crumbling the floor and makes the building collaps

    3. Usopp cries and apologizing the crew for being stubborn after being left behind

    4. Luffy imitating sanji and other crew...

    5. Everytimes Sanji and Zorro fighting each other...

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    The Franky House Raid for sure. Read the manga, saw the anime version, but I feel the manga portrayed the emotion of the situation better. Anyways, it was 100% bad a**.
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    - Arlong Park Arc, when Luffy puts his hat on Nami's head as she is crying

    -End of Alabasta Arc, when the Straw hats turn their backs to Vivi and raise the X marks on their Arms

    -During Baratie Arc, at the end of Zoro's fight w/ Mihawk when he sheaths his sword and says, "Scars on the back are a swordsman's shame" and allows Mihawk to finish him.

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    Hmm, so many choices... A lot of them mentioned already.

    - The Usopp-Luffy fight and especially what happens after it. Made me cry :'(

    - Sanji owning the weird cook guy in the sea train.

    - Pell's sacrifice. Another crying scene. (And the most impossible comeback ever. Wait, he's in the middle of a 5 km wide explosion and pulls it off? Give me strength.)

    - The Franky House Raid. That kicked major ass.

    - The sakura snow in Drum.

    - The much-loved, many times mentioned Arlong Park "Reservoir Dogs" scene (nice definition btw )

    And a bunch of others that I've temporarily forgotten.

    EDIT: Agh, I can't believe I forgot this... Usopp burning the World Government flag. Awesome scene.
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    Luffy's facial expression after defeating Rob Lucci

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_bushido View Post
    During Arlong Park, when Nami is crying & looks up at Luffy & says "Luffy, help me." And Luffy puts his hat on her head, and just walks off. Then you see all four of them walking down the road like badasses... all Reservoir Dogs style. That part gives me goosebumps every time.
    i like this part too. it was so sweet.

    but the part which i felt was most kick-ass was part where luffy, franky, zoro, robin and sanji went rampaging on the zombies, going" 600 000 000 beri jackpot!!" actually, the attack on the franky house was super too

    another very touching part, was the alabasta arc, when vivi screamed at her people to stop fighting, when "her voice finally reached everyone".

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    Yeah everyone in this topic has mainly said my favorite moments except two.

    I loved the entire scene when Luffy was climbing up the main Drum mountain with Nami and Sanji hanging on to him. His bloody fingers slowly grabbing each rock, but all the pain is not slowing him down. Once he gets to the top and Docter K. comments on how bad Luffy is, that shows you how much Luffy cares for his namaka. How much he is really to do for them.

    My other favorite scene is when Robin shows up on the Going Merry and the reactions of the crew.
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