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    Best moments in One piece

    Like the title says what is, in your opinion the best/coolest moment in the series.

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    During Arlong Park, when Nami is crying & looks up at Luffy & says "Luffy, help me." And Luffy puts his hat on her head, and just walks off. Then you see all four of them walking down the road like badasses... all Reservoir Dogs style. That part gives me goosebumps every time.

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    The best/coolest moment for me was when Luffy used gomu gomu storm and sent Crocodile flying.

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    when luffy ring the bell in the skypiea arc, there are so many emotions, hope, happiness, signifying the end of hundred years of war, etc3,

    another one would be when coby declared the new word, wuuu~, pretty nice one,

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    One would be when Luffy breaks out of that barrel XD

    signifys the beginning of a great adventure

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    During the Water 7 arc, where Luffy, Sanji, Chopper and Zoro find Usopp lying on the ground all beaten by the Franky Family, Luffy promises to avenge him, and then the four of them stroll nonchalantly into the Franky House and proceed to absolutely demolish it.

    That was good stuff right there.

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    1. When Sir Crocodile got kicked in the face during the last battle of Alabasta. That was sweet vengeance.

    2. When Robin snapped Spanda(m)'s spine. It was quite relieving.

    3. When Aokiji owned Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. It was a refreshing moment, giving the audiences a demonstration of the fact that the Straw Hats are far from the top.

    4. Pell's sacrifice. It hit me pretty hard, except for the part where he returned.

    5. Eneru's infamous pose and the part where he got kicked in the stomach. Those moments were classic.

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    - Everytime Luffy was almost died and revived by his relationship with his nakamas and fought so great the strongest villain of the saga (Arlong, Enel, Lucci...).

    - The first apparition of Ao Kiji.

    - Strawhat's meeting with Laboon.

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    1) Bonclay's speech at the end of the alabasta arc, where he sacrifices himself for the sake of the straw hats in episode 129.

    "My friends and I are masters of disguise,
    As well as.....
    ... Straw chans friends!

    One may stray from the path of a man,
    One may stray from the path of a woman,
    But there is no straying from the path of a HUMAN!
    All friends must scatter into the sky of truth, and blossom!
    -by Bon Clay"

    followed by Bonclay staring straight at the Marines and saying:

    "BRING IT ON!"

    right before the scene ends, you hear Bon clay say:

    "Scatter upon the waters surface, and grow where you may,
    My Fellow blossoms"

    With the music and all, it was one of the greatest moments ever.

    2) Kokoro's little speech after Luffy beats Blueno, "once this battle is over, that Straw hats brats name will roar throughout the world!". Love that part.

    3) When Luffy smashes Bellamy with one puch, priceless

    "do i know how to throw a punch"

    *cracks knuckles*

    4) When Blackbeard yells out that "a mans dreams never die"

    5) When they leave Alabasta, and can't say goodbye to Vivi, so they all raise their hands in the air, and show the sign X

    6) When Luffy pounds Lucci with the Jet Gattling, pouring everything he has into it, falling down, saying it should be enough, and that huge smile.

    7) After the fight of Luffy and Ussop, the part when luffy cried and said "It's Heavy"

    8) In Arlong park, when Arlong has his sword around Luffy's neck, and tells him what the room is about, then Luffy gets all serious, and says he now knows what to do to help her (Nami), he destroys the room and everything in it.

    9) Hawkeyes saying he will wait for Zoro for however long it takes in his strongest form.

    10) Ringing the golden bell in the skypea arc

    There are so many more, and I could prolly go on and on, but damn do I love One Piece

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    Any moment where Luffy goes mad eyes under the shadow of his straw hat and proceeds to kick absolute ass.

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