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    In no order;

    -Sogeking burning the world flag in Enies Lobby and Robin saying she wants to live

    -Nami finally asking for Luffy's help against Arlong

    -Zoro defeating Mr. 1 in Alabasta

    -Luffy landing the first punch on Moria in Thriller Bark and Zoro taking Luffy's pain afterwards

    -Luffy ringing the bell in Skypiea

    Those are my favorite as far as momentous events go, there's others and so many nuances throughout the entire series that you could probably name one thing per chapter that was too awesome.

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    during the davyback fight round 2 when zoro tells sanji alright I need like ten seconds and the two get up and own the three guys they are fightin priceless.

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    love the part at the end of chapter 485 when zoro was all bloodied up cos of taking luffy's pain. =3 was like majorly angsting for the next chapter for the whole week =/ talk about suspense! also loved the part where luffy just totally owned crocodile =P
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    1: Pells sacrafice hit me really hard aswell.
    2: I like any other moment where luffy is losing in a fight and he remembers his friends and he kicks ass.
    3: When zoro is fighting with mihawk.

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    when the merry returned in ennies lobbies
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    oi, this is gonna be a lot. i'll name one for now, and the rest, later: Luffy declaring Nami is his nakama after beating arlong. it was the first time ever for me that a manga would make me cry.

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    So many, i won't mention moments that already have been mentioned or the emotional moments cause they were just great and everyone knows about it.

    So on to a few of the best funniest moments in one piece:

    -Sanji's poster ending up to be duval(priceless)
    -Usopp,chopper and nami scared shitless everytime
    -Sanji getting worked all up when something happens to woman(nami's wedding for example) And then the big flame around him that gets a lot of fuel from the others lol.
    -When robin joins the crew luffy does an imitation of chopper with robin's hands as antlers to convince usopp to let her join(that was so damn funny)
    -brooks stupid skulljokes
    -when franky's speedo got stolen
    -zorro getting lost all the time
    -at sky island they want to steal some gold from the inlanders and run for (ending up missing out on the gaint bellholder made of gold)
    -nami bossing everyone around and smacking around the others when they do something stupid
    -During the davy backfight arc, the enemy's could pick people and nami thought they of course would pick her and then they end up finding her a demon every time she does something scary lol.
    -sanji hates having the ball on his head during the match and then nami says it looks great and he's rdy to play.
    -Foxy and his idiot discuises.
    -luffy wanting to beat up the referee during that same match
    -nami's blinding gold eyes of belli lol
    -franky drinking vegetable juice instead of cola
    -kaku changing into a giraff(and the wolfzoan laughing at it)
    -when they were stuck at the marinebase after sky island sanji tries to free zorro and usopp from their cell with the impact shell ussop gives them but it ends up being the bad smell shell
    -luffy trying to eat every seamonster that attacks them and then the monsters get scared
    -when they meet laboon they go around him but luffy punches him in the eye and everyone gets scared shitless

    *sigh* there are so many many more lol

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    I'd say it's the final moments of the Going Merry. (First actual "death" in the series)

    I'd give Zoro taking on Luffy's damage honorable mention.

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    how about when Enel discovers that Luffy is invulnerable to electricity?
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    One Piece

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