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    Zoro vs Kaku. When Zoro uses Asura O__O

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    well when Zoro sacrifice and luffy doesnt know about it...

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    my favorites fights zoro vs mihawk and luffy vs mihawk because in those fights we saw mihawk fighting and mihawk is my favorite character

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    halaros536 i agree with you..i like it too..

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    Zoro sacrificing his Life for Luffy, true loyalty.
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    franky vs fukurou = funniest fight

    zoro sacrifice himself to save straw hat

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    One Piece

    for me the best episode that i watch in one piece is when luffy and his frinds zorro, nami and other member of pirates luffy is when they went to the top of the sky when they are finding the grandline to get the legendary one piece to become the king of the pirate...

    it was a very good scene that i watch because all there effort are there and they do a great adventure form there...

    i love towatch also every time luffy using his power to strengthen his body to fight...


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    I truly don't think it's possible to name just one amazing moment in One Piece. Theres just so many.

    However something I think I will always remember is Dr. Hiluluks final speech where he says that someone doesn't die from illness, or bullets, or a poisonous soup but when he's forgotten has one final toast then blows up and Chopper gets there in time to see him blow up and goes ape shit.

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    there's two epic moments for me, the first one is with Luffy helping Nami in Arlong as mentioned in the first page, the second is when in Enies Lobby luffy tells robin to say it, robin says she wants to live, Luffy says he'll definitelly save her, and usopp burns the World Government flag.

    i guess i have a thing for saving girls

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