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    Narutofan is not going anywhere that i know of. And the Dattebayo arrest is a troll. Highlight the news post and "YHBT" is at the bottom.
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    Thanks for the highlighting tip... I thought they just forgot to put the [YHBT] tag, but didn't expect them to use white font. One of their best trolls I might say.

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    I think all scanlation group should work together to counter Narutofan. Althrough there's a "", that site isn't working efficiently. After 3 years, they are still unable to stop Tazmo >.>"

    I think that's pretty serious. If MangaShare were to catch the eye of most scanlation group, and fansub group, then probably this campaign might work xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by blud View Post
    I had a discussions with the owner of NF and we came to somewhat of an understanding that by adding a new disclaimer to all of his pages where paid downloads are located saying he had nothing to do with the release / it can be easily obtained for free elsewhere etc..., that it would be enough compromise to shift the attention towards more of a global "anti-pay-for-manga/anime" rather than "anti-narutofan".

    I'm still very much against his site and services and I'm not happy that they're still running, but since he agreed to something that probably nobody else running similar services would have, it's back to the drawing board. There are plans to go at this from a different angle, but more on that when it's finished.
    You really believe that he will?

    I'm sorry but that it complete c**p, he is no way going to do anything like that.

    I cant see these disclaimers can you??
    [ Link Removed ]

    but dont mind me i am a bitter b*****d when it come to seeing people ripped off.

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    The disclaimers are on every page of his dumb manga thing already. Look through it for yourself if you want to confirm it.

    Please don't link to pay for manga/anime sites on this forum no matter what your intentions are.


    This thread's derailed long enough. I'm positive that Tazmo or one of his cronies created and mailed this letter but there isn't any proof it, so there's not much anybody can do about it right now. Legitimate Tazmo bashing won't be censored here, so feel free to open a topic in the watercooler or something -- but there's already a forum for hating on him ( Closing this pending any further developments.

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