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    Promotions Galore! New Moderators!

    As you all may (or may not) have noticed, we have a bunch of new moderators with shiny blue names running about the forums! We have reintroduced the section moderators who will be responsible for maintaining peace and enforcing the rules throughout their respective forums. Congrats to the following people!

    Mass Zero - Moderator of Bleach, Shonen Manga, Shojo Manga and General Anime forums
    Imotochan - Moderator of Seinen Manga and the Creative Center (all the graphics forums)
    Ravona - Moderator of the Creative Center (graphics forums)
    thsv - Moderator of the Naruto forums /and now the OP forums, too!
    Wolverine - Moderator of all the General Discussion forums (Watercooler, TV & Movies and Video Games) except Boredom Zone.
    Arhazivory - Moderator of the Boredom Zone
    Phixion - Moderator of the Naruto forums

    Once again, congrats to all the people above for their exemplery conduct on the forums. Welcome to the mangashare staff.

    This list is subject to change/may be updated as we're not entirely done with the promotions yet. The need for moderators is currently still being assessed, we're currently on a trial run.

    Oh and just incase you've forgotten or you're new here, here's the legend for the colors on the forums.
    [Administrator] [Global Moderator][Binktopia Staff] [Moderator] [Scanlators] [Translators] [Uchiha Pornographer Extraordinaire] [Art Contest Winner]
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