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Thread: Why oh why

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    Well if it is only going to finish on 52 episodes and not have anymore then it might be just like the Air Gear anime and leave an ending it with a opening ending because there is no way they can even reach the current arc in less then 10 eps.

    I was hoping to see Crown Clown in the anime though.


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    I'm still thinking in the last image of the opening.
    I dont know why they put it in it if the anime, at least, is not going to adapt 'til Allen's "death".
    They can't end the anime with an "opening ending"
    They CAN'T DO IT!!. (it only will destroy DGM's reputation TT_TT)

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    A second season has recently been announced in Japan guys, D.Gray-man is gonna keep on going. Wikipedia confirmed it.

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